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When it comes to being masters of their own social media domain Pinkberry seems to have all their ducks in a row. Pinkberry is the hottest frozen yogurt brand in the U.S. and it seems to get hotter every day.


Fetching Revenue

Social media has played no small part in the company’s success. I’m not talking about Facebook ads or spamming techniques meant to get potential customers to opt-in. I’m talking about true relationship marketing techniques which are embraced by the entire Pinkberry staff from the corporate executives down to the girl who works the front counter of their smallest store.

Paradigm Shift

Pinkberry understands that social media is all about being social; interacting with customers via social media is not just good business for Pinkberry it is part of their corporate structure. By using social media to build strong relationships with their customers, Pinkberry is making full use of the best part about social media: communication. This makes Pinkberry among the first companies to not only embrace social media but design a corporate marketing campaign that completely revolves around it.

Business Insider reporter Kim Bhasin talked with Pinkberry’s Director of Digital, Pamela Naumes, about the secret to their success:

How important is social media to Pinkberry’s overall marketing strategy?

It’s extremely critical. Social media is one of the ways in which we at a most cost-effective manner are able to reach out to and engage with our customers on a daily basis. And I think what’s interesting with Pinkberry is at the end of the day, we haven’t hired a director of brand advertising or director of brand marketing. Instead, the company has decided to really look for a director of digital as their focus, and as their way to show that the social space–the digital space–is one which is becoming more and more critically important for brands moving forward.

So I think that through that intention and by having a director of digital, that they’ve really committed to the importance of what social means for the brand–in terms of not just the awareness side of it, but also ensuring that we’re constantly staying engaged and connected to customers both inside our stores and also outside in their offline worlds.

How do you think social has contributed to the growth of the frozen yogurt industry?

I think that what has happened is that people within social media love to rally behind something that they believe in and that they’re passionate about–and they want to share that with others. So it’s my feeling that when someone really latches on to something that they love through an experience–and I think it’s even less about the frozen yogurt but more about the experience in total, so it’s what you feel when you enter the store and what you see and what you smell and what you taste–I think it’s that whole experience that social allows you to really connect with in an online manner.

Click here to read the entire interview.

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