Non-Profits See Big Returns From Social media

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social media marketingSocial media has been used effectively to sell, recruit, convert and convince, but perhaps its most purposeful use has been getting folks to give. Non-profit organizations have had the most success using social media to rally support for their cause. This might have something to do with the visibility they receive by being a part of a social media network. Every non-profit group has its fair share of devotees, these folks will carry the message to their social media network, thereby making the reach of the group exponential. Don’t overlook the power of social media to make a difference for your business, but also, don’t miss an opportunity to use social media to make a difference in your community too.

More than 82 percent of respondents – almost exclusively Duke Endowment grant recipients and other leaders from non-profit organizations in the Carolinas — reported using social media. Of those using social media, 70 percent reported feeling comfortable or very comfortable with Facebook, compared to only 24 percent with Twitter. Twenty-six percent reported not being comfortable with LinkedIn.

The Duke Endowment estimates social media to grow. Seventeen percent report not using social media, but 60 percent of the same respondents anticipate utilizing new media tools in the future.

Of those using social media, most use it to collaborate, network with peers and advance their agenda.

Duke outlines some points:

* Almost 90% have used social media to advance the mission of their organization or program.
* 86% have used social media to collaborate with peers and associates.
* 22% regularly or frequently use social media to support their professional development efforts.
* 58% “inform their decisions and actions” with social media.

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