No Famous Faces Needed For Effective Social Media Marketing

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The results of a new survey of social media users shows some surprising results. First, as I mentioned in a previous post, most social media users are using their networks to communicate with friends and family. Second, almost nobody listens to celebrities. In fact, three-quarters of social media users report they are not very likely to listen to celebrities even if they Fan, Follow or Friend them. This is important information for anyone interested in using promoted social media messages.

Time was, a celebrity endorsement of your product would have an immediate and dramatic effect on product sales. Celebrities were groomed and pursued and fiercely defended by companies that wanted the type of recognition they could bring to their bottom line. But those days are apparently gone, replaced by a time when jaded and cynical fans really don’t care what a celebrity has to say, especially when they have access to the opinions of a multitude of friends and family instead.

Perhaps the results of the recent poll have more to do with the caliber of today’s celebrities than it does with social media. Celebrities are not admired the way they once were, likely because all you need to do to qualify as a “celebrity” is appear on a reality television show and eat a bug.

If you are looking for the best way to market your product service or brand via social media you can save yourself some time and effort by ignoring promotional efforts from celebrities. In fact, social media itself is all about relationship marketing, so if you can build strong relationships without a celebrity endorsement you likely have a much better social media network than if you had received that endorsement in the first place.

Try engaging with your fans, clients and customers one-on-one and see what happens. You just might be surprised at the results.

Perhaps surprisingly, 74% of users stated that they had no interest in reading comments by celebrities, athletes and politicians. African Americans and Latinos show more interest in connecting with these kinds of individuals than white users, and Twitter users are generally more interested in celebrity interaction than those on other social channels.

While men are almost twice as likely than women to say that they use social media in part to find romantic partners (17% vs 9%), just 3% of all users stated this as a major motivation behind their social networking.

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