Is Nike Making Commercials Cool Again?

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In this brave new world of TIVO, Hulu and countless others, it’s interesting to see a brand like Nike using the dreaded commercial to double their digital footprint at Facebook  (550,000 fans to well over 1.1 million).

Don’t get me wrong, the ad is great, as many Nike ads are.  But does anyone else find it ironic that people who are on Facebook hanging “socially” with their friends, would actually be prompted to “like” a page because of a cool commercial?  Isn’t this counter to the school of thought than has us employing spam filters and ad blockers as our virtual body guards?

I personally think it’s genius  – using Internet marketing tactics such as “preview” or “scarcity” (be the first!) to be heard in a noisy sea of “pick me, pick me” strategies. Nike is smart to be using the “re-purpose your content” strategy.  This is a made for TV mini-movie-commerical that they are now making “available” to the public at their fan page.

How great is this?

Somehow Nike has found a way to make it cool for anyone to be their “affiliate.”  By liking the page, any updates from Nike will now show up in your stream.  Their hook is exclusive content you can only get from them. In return, they will be able to distribute their sales and promotional content to up to 5000 of your closest “friends”…for free!

I’m curious to know what your favorite brand pages are right now.  And WHY you decided to click on that tantalizing like button.

Lori Taylor


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