“News Feed Optimization” And Why It Matters To You (hint – Facebook users read this)

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Ahhh, mixing business with pleasure on Facebook.  It’s not an easy balance, and now Facebook has stepped in to “help”.

If you have been trying to organize your friends from your marketing buddies on Facebook, just a separate fan page is not going to cut the mustard, unfortunately.  Facebook is getting crafty with it’s alogorithm meaning messages that seem important to Facebook seem to be taking priority over the ones I want to see.

Yes I want to know when my college roommate’s son wins his basketball tournament, just like I want my friends to see when one of my kids rocks it in some way.  Apparently, that’s not really up to me anymore, and now not only do I have to get crafty with getting my marketing “heard”, I have to work so my friends and family can check out what I’m doing that is relevant to them.

Regular Facebook users are no doubt aware that Facebook’s default news feed changed a while back, from a chronological, roughly real-time stream of your friends’ activities, to something a little more “selective.” Facebook’s optimization algorithm, EdgeRank, essentially scores your interactions with your Facebook friends, and promotes items in your stream from people you favor with your attention, every time you rad their profiles, click on their links, or comment on their updates. Close friends are assigned more weight than distant acquaintances, comments are weighted more heavily than the easily-given “likes,” and newer tends to trump older.

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