NEW: Facebook Insights Update Is A GAME CHANGER To Optimizing Social Media (and proving ROI)

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New Facebook InsightsDo you know which of your fans REALLY loves you the most?  And more importantly, do you know the “value” of their affection?

Probably not.

Until now…

While having other channels for e-commerce such as a website, blog and various social media channels, no one can deny the success of Facebook for any brand.  Their robust connection tools such as the popular Facebook Share button, adding the like button to your site, including individual product pages if you are an e-commerce site, have enabled brands with engaged audiences outside of Facebook to really leverage their digital assets, such as liking a post or a product, etc.

While many advanced social media users were able to integrate Google Analytics from their Facebook page to their website, it wasn’t the most accurate tool for getting valuable information.

The savvy direct response focused clients struggled to evaluate what each “like” at Facebook or on their own site was really delivering in terms of sales, the impact it was having on the lifetime value each new customer, or truly understanding if their Facebook strategy was giving them more sales they would have already had (ie. robbing Peter to pay Paul).

Yes, Facebook gives you incredible analytics via their “insights” tool, but it was difficult for brands to translate what that meant to website sales.

Even if you used popular e-commerce applications such as shoptab (which I love by the way), tying it to the rest of your funnel was extremely difficult and frustrating for many corporate developers (much less the little people – ha).

But not anymore thanks to the new insights just released you can integrate to use at YOUR site.

There are IT departments throwing pizza parties, popping champagne and cracking open beers with the new options available with insights for YOUR website.  I don’t pretend to be an expert on the technical details – but I know pure joy when I see it – and I had more than one client love me more today than they did yesterday when I sent them the following links…

My favorite post today had to be from Mashable and it’s worth the read – even if you don’t “understand” all of it – find you must find someone on your team who does, sooner than later so you can optimize your social media sales funnel.

The new Facebook Insights tool for websites is a game changer, proving once and for all the value of a fan to your clients or yourself – and I’m ordering a drink right now with salt on the rim, rocks and a lemon, if you know what I mean.

What’s useful is that one can break down the analytics by Facebook plugin (Like button, Comments, etc.). Website owners with Like buttons, for example, will be able to see how many people saw the button, clicked on them, saw the stories that got posted through the Like button and how many of them clicked on it to come to view it on your site. It also provides metrics for the recently updated Comments plugin, enabling publishers to see the rate of comments taking place and from whom.

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