MySpace Is Still Standing!

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It’s Like The Rocky Of Social Media

A new report out today shows that not only is MySpace still standing, it’s getting more unique visitors every month than either Google+ or Tumblr, two of what had been considered the hottest new social media sites.

Sure, MySpace hardly has the cache of Facebook or Twitter or even LinkedIn, it’s still posting some very strong numbers. Strong enough to make marketers sit up and take notice and ask themselves, “how come I missed this?”

Maybe it was the way MySpace sold for pocket change to a bunch of Hollywood-types who seemed more flash than substance. Sure, Justin Timberlake seems like a savvy business person, but what does he know about social media? Then again, what does he need to know about social media? He’s in the relationship business already. Since social media marketing is relationship marketing maybe Timberlake has a better chance at success than we’ve been giving him credit for.

Bear in mind, MySpace is posting these very strong number before any of the promised changes have come to fruition. It’s still the same old MySpace, but perhaps a little more focused on its niche market of musicians, singers, bands and indy record labels.  If you have a social media marketing client who fits that niche you’re probably already using MySpace, or are about to. The question then becomes how to take advantage of the MySpace network if you DO NOT fit that niche.

There is something to be said for the size of the audience currently using MySpace and the demographic they represent. But it also pays to tread carefully and not seem too overbearing. As with any niche market, users will likely be wary of attempts to usurp their network for marketing purposes. With this in mind it would be wise to sit down and carefully plan a social media marketing strategy which takes advantage of the MySpace market without alienating users.

Myspace is more popular than Tumblr and Google Plus, according to a recent social media study by the digital market researcher ComScore.

Myspace had nearly 27.3 million unique U.S. visitors between October 2010 and 2011, ComScore said in the report, titled It’s a Social World: Top 10 Need-to-Knows About Social Networking and Where It’s Headed.

That placed it fourth behind Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. While Myspace was not one of the top five social media networks in Canada, it finished fifth or higher in 13 of the 41 countries listed in the report, including Norway, Denmark, South Africa, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

Click here to read more about the MySpace resurgence.

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