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How It All Got Started


In September of 2010 I was approached by Positive World Radio Network to do a social media marketing show. Having never done radio, I hesitated, yet always believing a channel such as this should exist, I decided to go for it!

The One-Click-Society radio show is dedicated to those of you addicted to overdrive looking for ways to seize the every marketing minute before they seize YOU.

With tips and tricks on how social media marketing can help you promote products & build your brand, learning from others who have been there and done that, I help you find new ways to have fulfillment in your careers and personal life.

Got a Good Idea for A Show?

If you have an idea for a great show or would like to be a guest on the show, please let me know!

One Click Society #1 with Lori R Taylor the “DEBUT SHOW”

social media consultant | lori r taylor

One Click Society is a radio show designed to help listeners find success in a world that is now soaring ahead at the speed of broadband. Each week Lori Taylor, one of the world’s premier copywriters and direct response marketers, discusses our rapidly changing world with some of today’s leading minds.

When asked about her remarkably successful career, Lori says, “I didn’t stand, but was hoisted onto the shoulders of industry giants in my early 20’s. Something I’m not sure I deserved, but will always be grateful for. Someone gave me a break when I needed it most and my commitment to the Universe to always pay it forward has never wavered….

One Click Society # 2: Turning Your Business Into The Next Cinderella Story

social media consultant | jon keelDo you run your business or does it run you? It’s time to see the level playing field the internet has created for you and run for a huge touchdown!

How can you transform your business into who you want to be, because business is personal. Listen as Lori Taylor CEO of REV Media Marketing, LLC and Jon Keel CEO of Improved-Results go soup to nuts on a range of topics for small business owners to really put the fire burning in their bellies into the engine that will put them on the path to success.

Jon Keel is a well known internet marketing star who has put his name on the map by helping local businesses capitalize on local search, with one sole purpose: To make the phone ring.

One Click Society # 3: Get Some Curb Side Appeal To Attract The Perfect Buyer To You 

social media consultant | eric graham

Do you know the ONE thing that can take your local, online or small business to the next level? A website that converts! And it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.

Do you think the key to high conversion rates is great copy? It’s NOT!

Testing or even targeted traffic? Wrong again.

How about getting people to “know, like, and trust” you? It’s important, but not the KEY.

And last but not least, do you know what a “IQ Test Offer” is?

If not, then join us on our radio show today with Eric Graham, the Conversion Doctor. Let me tell you from practical experience Eric can change your business in less than ONE WEEK. Most people can’t afford Eric to be their actual business consultant, but his blog is full of all kinds of easy to implement ideas that truly can double or even triple your sales in weeks, not months!

One Click Society # 4: Direct Response 2.0: Using Social Media To (Gasp) Increase ROI

After launching, building and selling two brick and mortar businesses, recovering SEC/mega-firm lawyer Jonathan Fields has spent his recent past immersed in two worlds that seem to constantly battle for the title of “Nuttiest Pursuit,” social media and writing books.

Jonathan blogs on entrepreneurship, marketing and lifestyles at, his last book, Career Renegade, was published in 2009 by Random House to wide acclaim and his next book on the mindset that fuels the large-scale creative endeavors is due out from Portfolio in 2011.

He’s also a regular on the social media/marketing conference speaking circuits. But, frankly, none of that impresses his daughter and wife a whole lot, who just like the fact that he’s there to dance around the living room on an “as-needed” basis these days.

The Truth About Social Media Marketing Revealed…

One Click Society # 5: How To Take Back Your Inbox TODAY!

social media consultant | joshua baerAre you addicted to your in box? Have you made it your running, never-ending to do list that has taken over your life and plans for a booming business? Did you know there is a way to “outsource” your email for free and put more minutes in your day you can dedicate to your business, you and your relationships?

Join me today as we talk to entrepreneur extraordinaire Joshua Baer. Joshua founded one of the first email marketing companies in 1996 when email was just beginning and there was no spam yet—but he could smell it coming and knew it was only going to get “worse”.

One Click Society # 6: Up Close and Personal with Media Industry Mogul John A. Walsh

social media consultant | john a walshIn this episode Lori gets up close and personal with long time friend John A Walsh. They talk about the changing media landscape, his early days with ESPN, keys to the successful growth of the network and his predictions for the future of radio and television.

John reveals the importance of failing, and takes a trip down memory lane revealing personal stories around his journey up the multi-media ladder, including his jaunt as the editor or Rolling Stone magazine.

A not to be missed show!!


One Click Society # 7: The Internet’s Effect on Consumer Spending

In this episode, Guest Host Sean Platt interviews Matt Edelman. Matt’s entire career has been marked by entrepreneurialism.

Whether working within a public company in a new division, joining a start-up company to help run the organization or assisting companies as a consultant with the formation of new businesses, Matt has provided executive leadership, strategic guidance and creative supervision.

The results of his business activities have lead to more than one billion dollars being spent by consumers on entertainment, branded merchandise and interactive products.

One Click Society # 8: Search, Social Media, and the World Wide Web

social media consultant | nova spivackNova Spivack is the celebrated technology futurist, serial Internet entrepreneur, and CEO of Lucid Venture (an early-stage technology incubator which has originated several ventures, including Twine.Com).

Nova serves on the boards of directors for Radar Networks, Live Matrix, Lucid Ventures, the Earth Dashboard, and 5 stealth-mode startups, and has given guest lectures and keynotes for the MBA programs at Harvard University, Stanford University and Berkeley, as well as to several business schools in Europe.

Nova has also advised governments, defense and intelligence agencies in the United States as well as Asia on the near-term and long-term future of the Web (and he’s even flown to the edges of space in zero gravity!).

One Click Society # 9: How To Tap Into Your Creative Genius

Creativity always dominated Mars’s past . At the tender age of 7, he started writing fantasy stories with a typewriter ( and eventually switched to drawing cartoons. Mars fell in love with creating things – inventing my own board games, designing and writing for the schools paper and earning part-time money as a comic artist. Driven with purpose and passion, Mars knew he ALWAYS wanted to impact the world through his creativity, and knew using his drawing skills was THE WAY TO GO.

One Click Society # 10: How To Find The Zen In Your Life

Join us as Lori interviews Leo Babuata, the creator of one of the top 25 blogs as listed in time, with almost 200,000 readers.

How did he rise to the top so quickly and main a humble spirit like this…

“I have no formal qualifications. I am not an expert, or a doctor, or a coach. I haven’t made millions of dollars and I’m not the world’s greatest athlete. All I am is a regular guy, a father of six kids, a husband, a writer. But I have accomplished a lot over the last couple of years (and failed a lot) and along the way, I have learned a lot.”

This is a fascinating interview to say the least!

One Click Society # 11

Join Lori today as she interviews her friend Coach Laura Rubinstein discuss how to breakthrough what is holding you back and take your business and relationships to the next level.
Laura is known for her Marketing and Relationship Development Consulting. As a Certified Social Media Marketing Strategist, Hypnotherapist and Master Leadership Coach, she works with business owners, speakers, authors, and service providers around the globe.

One Click Society # 12: Interview with Jason Falls

Join Lori Taylor as she speaks with Jason Falls is one of the most in-demand speakers in the social media, public relations and marketing fields due to a simple truth: He delivers value. Known for his clever insights, sharp wit and the ever-present brutal honesty, Falls tackles audiences, not topics, engaging and sending all away with a sense they’ve learned something. His insights and experience are often referred to as “innovative” and “industry leading.” He maintains an active public speaking schedule as well. See Falls’s speaking site here….

One Click Society # 13 : Ron Skelton, What Every Small Business Needs to Know

On this week’s show we spoke with Ronald Skelton, a successful small business marketing coach. With the tagline, I’m the guy to call if your business is too small, Ron walks us through what every business needs to be doing to be successful. He will tell us why it is important for you to be on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and the business tools every small business should invest in.
We discuss email marketing, list building, finding your target audience, and the role traditional advertising plays in your integrated marketing efforts.

One Click Society # 14: Interview with Peter Winick

To publish or not to publish or to DIY, that’s the question Lori R. Taylor, host of One Click Society, on the Positive World Radio Network, will sit down with Peter Winick, founder and CEO at Winick Enterprises, Inc – Thought Leadership Leverage.Winick has spent the past 20 years building and managing consulting and professional development organizations. “A proven entrepreneurial-minded leader who leverages the power of internal and external relationships to accelerate growth within emerging and high-potential companies that have powerful intellectual property. Accomplishments include start-ups, turnarounds, and M&A (in the b2b services sector)—with results driven by practical strategy, focused execution, and a disciplined method of cost control.”

One Click Society # 15: Interview with Felicity Lerouge

Join us as Lori discusses “Changing the channel” with author Felicity LaRouge. It’s a spiritually driven show focusing on how you can flip the switch – instantly to see your life differently and leverage the power of your creativity. If you feel stuck, lost or even off balance, this show will give you great insights to what you can do to change everything just by shifting your perspective. Tapping into your feminine energy (your right side of the brain) and lacing it with your left brain logical (masculine) side of the brain will bring you more clarity to who you are and is the key to unlocking the passion your have burning inside. Your true potential is just a thought away as you’ll see today.

One Click Society # 16: Jay Baer – The Now Revolution and The Social Media Telephone

Listen as Lori speaks with Social Media Consultant Jay Baer, author of the newly released book “The Now Revolution” and discover how you can use social media to build engagement and rapport to increase lifetime customer value. Bouncing from topic to topic you’ll find this interview is lively and moves quickly. Jay’s experience is vast and the insights he covers are invaluable. Join us to see how you can use social media as your telephone and explode your business NOW. It’s on, right? Make it happen.

One Click Society # 17: Lori Taylor Interviews Steve Rubell, Director of Insights for Edelman, the World’s Largest PR Firm

First of all, to clear up ANY confusion – Steve Rubel is NOT the owner of studio 54 – that’s a Steve RubeLL, but it’s still going to be an exciting show. Listen carefully as Lori interviews Steve today on the topic of PR in the new, always on society where companies are only as good as their last 3-5 seconds. Steve is the respected SVP, Director of Insights for Edelman Digital, a division of Edelman – the world’s largest public relations firm. He focuses on trends and innovations in media, technology and digital culture and fuses these into actionable insights.

One Click Society # 18: Lori and Malathy Drew, the Visionary of Whispering Energy

Join Lori as she seizes the minute with Malathy Drew, the Visionary of Whispering Energy as well as an Internationaly recognized speaker and teacher. She has been dubbed the ‘Heart and Soul of Heart-Centered Networking’ and is an innovator in ‘Utilizing Social Media to Be the Change in the World’. Malathy was recently honored by Fast Company Magazine as the ’23 Most Influential Person in the Online World’. She is a gifted intuitive healer and utilizes her many life experiences and personal growth process to facilitate moving people from the Competition mindset to one of Collaboration and Unity Consciousness. Her vision of ‘Cultivating Global Healing, One Soul at a Time’ has became the Miracle of the Whispering Energy Collaboration, which many have described as ‘The Hurricane of Grace’. Malathy brings a lifetime of transcendence to bear in the art of Heart-Centered Networking and she delights in being of service to the world.

One Click Society # 19: Wanna Be A Speaker? Top Speakers Coach Mark Anthony Bates Tells You How To Get Started

Listen as Lori and Mark Anthony discuss the pitfalls and home runs of becoming the world’s next greatest speaker. Even if you don’t have aspiration to hit the stage, picking up these tips and tricks can help you in your online video marketing and building your authority through better communication style in any medium. Improve your internal and external sales skills as they reveal what it takes to be a top performer in life.

One Click Society # 20: Lori talks about Entertainment Bizness with Tom Nunan

Think you have what it takes to move into the entertainment business? Listen as Lori interviews Tom Nunan, the founder and partner of BULL’S EYE ENTERTAINMENT (B.E.E.) – – a mid-sized independent film and television production company. Tom is well known as the executive producer of Academy Award™ winning Best Picture CRASH, as well as other beloved titles including THE ILLUSIONIST, THUMBSUCKER and EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH.Tom continues to produce movies for TV and Film, and is also passionate about continuing to build UCLA’s undergraduate and graduate TV programs. Tom gives us a unique point of view as he’s worn almost every coveted hat in entertainment. Tom was the President of The United Paramount Network (UPN) now known as The CW, President of NBC STUDIOS, EVP FOX Broadcasting Company, Vice President In Charge Of Movies At ABC Network, UCLA’ s MFA program in Television Creating, Writing & Producing, Moderator At UCLA’s Media Events Featuring High-Level TV Celebrities and Producers. Pretty impressive don’t you think? Join us for some amazing tips and advice to making it big in entertainment.