Mother’s Day Social Media Marketing

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If there has been one truism in social media it is this: More women than men use it every day and are more likely to interact, engage and share. Of those women using social media, in fact, most are moms. That means when it comes to social media marketing there is simply no better day to take advantage of its power and leverage with users than Mother’s Day.

Now before you rush out and start scheduling hourly promotional messages for all day Sunday stop and think. Remember, social media marketing is all about building relationships. Chances are, if you haven;’t already built strong relationships with moms through your social media network, you won’t be able to take advantage of the day the way some other campaigns cans. Also, your efforts to mass market during their ‘special day’ could easily work against you.

No. It is a much better idea to carefully consider how best you might strategically turn a message into a meaningful relationship with a key demographic. Regard Mother’s Day not as a promotional opportunity, but as a team building exercise; a day to expand your network into a growth area by force of “nice” not “will”.

There is a fine between social media marketing and spamming and not everyone understands which side they are supposed to be standing on. Holidays which have marketing opportunities are not supposed to be a free-for-all. They require a targeted response with specific goals in mind. If you start pushing, chances are you will get pushed back and the result will be the exact opposite of what you were hoping to achieve.


The ability of social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube to promote ads with emotional elements tailored to consumers is generating increasing interest on Madison Avenue. That is particularly true at holidays, when marketers are seeking to freshen tried-and-true pitches — like, say, ads about buying flowers for your mother on Mother’s Day.

For instance, 1-800-Flowers is teaming up for the first time with Facebook for ads known as sponsored page posts, a kind of sponsored story, in Facebook parlance.

Celebrities who have endorsement deals with 1-800-Flowers are posting to their Facebook fan pages messages like: “For Mother’s Day, I teamed up with 1-800-Flowers to get you a special deal on flowers.” Those messages are transformed into sponsored page post ad units that appear on the Facebook pages of the celebrities’ fans.

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