Marketing With Social Media Requires Corporate Branding Guidelines

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In the world of social media marketing, branding is a key concept.

There are many different facets that can be used effectively in an organization, and one of the most popular is to follow corporate branding guidelines.

With this strategy, the company name and the product name effectively fuse together, and that name then becomes the brand so when you embark on a social media marketing strategy the audience knows who you are too!

A good example of this is the Coca-Cola company, who’s had a tremendous about of success in the social media marketing world because both the company and main product are known by the name Coca-Cola or more loosely as “Coke.”  As with anything else in the marketing world, there are some corporate branding guidelines that you will want to keep in mind as you work to establish this in your own organization:

  1. Legal Aspects – The last thing you want is to spend loads of your company’s valuable capital to build a cohesive brand and market that brand image only to find out that your brand has been copied by competitors. Your name should be able to be legally protected through the courts, and you should talk to legal counsel about how to do this before you begin marketing efforts.
  2. Brand Image – As you work to establish a legally protected entity, you will want to make sure that your logo, color scheme, and name are user-friendly. With this, consider things like how easy the name is to pronounce, if your logo is easily distinguished and represents who your company is, and if it attracts attention in a positive way.
  3. Marketing – Once you have an image and name that can be protected under the law, you are ready to pump some time and money into your efforts. Consider the strategies you will use to promote brand image. Because your product and company name are linked so closely, you will want to make sure your efforts are positive and effective every step of the way.

As a social media consultant, I tell clients to should make an effort to research the pros and cons of following corporate branding guidelines to build a cohesive brand image fully before you jump on the marketing with social media bandwagon as it is easy to lost control of brand without structure. While there are some significant advantages to pursuing these, there are some downsides that you should be aware of as well.