Mark Anthony Talks ‘Coaching Coaches’ With Lori Taylor

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social media managerMark Anthony Bates is not only a premier coach, called a ‘coach of coaches’ by some, he is also my friend. Which is why I have brought him on my Positive World Radio Network¬†show, One Click Society. I wanted to talk to him about the importance of coaching; what coaching can bring to everyone from a third string player to the team captain. We all need a bit of coaching from time to time and Mark really knows how to bring it.

“It’s amazing how many the people when they’re stage, even the
best of the best, don’t realize until somebody from outside that
really has had experience in this for a long time, such as
myself, can recognize a number of nuances that they’re doing
that are really not serving them and it’s not serving the people
that they’re trying to communicate with….I don’t
write scripts for people. I’m known as the delivery guy. When
somebody is already really good with their presentation and they
already have what their presentation and the structure laid out,
I will sit down with them and now I begin to work with them on
how to deliver that presentation. I don’t like it when people
come up to me and ask me, “Hey, I hear you’re the guy that I
need to work with. I want you to help me to become polished.”
The last thing that I want somebody sounding is polished because
that sounds disingenuous to me….The way I look at it is, is that for me, when I speak, there are
certain talking points that I want to stay on, but there’s a
particular outcome that I want to have happen at the end of my
presentation. It can vary depending on the group or what I’m
speaking about. But when you spend too much time going over it
and over it, you can miss other parts of the message. I think
that there needs to some fluidness there and allowing yourself
to be flexible to where you can adapt to any type of environment
that you’re in because things will change.”

Click here to listen to the entire broadcast.

Click here to download the complete transcript of my interview.

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