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[CASE STUDY] Tweet Like @marismith (The Mari Smith Twitter Formula)

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Mari Smith Twitter

It’s impossible not to love Mari Smith. Not only is she a bubbly, fun-loving Scottish-Canadian. She’s also author of The New Relationship Marketing and rated as one of the top five social media influencers in the world by Forbes magazine.

Facebook is Mari’s home turf and where she reigns as queen. But she doesn’t stop there. Her Twitter account has over 280,000 followers.

Mari’s a real social media superstar. So let’s see the strategies Mari uses on Twitter to find her place in the spotlight.

Actively Follow Others

Like everyone on Twitter, Mari started with zero follows. But she didn’t wait around, wondering “Why is no one following me?” She started by reaching out to others and following people she found interesting. That’s something she still does to this day.

In her guide 15 Social Media Power Tips, Mari recommends Twellow to find relevant people to follow. It’s like the yellow pages of Twitter uses.

Why this strategy works: The more people you follow, the more will check out your profile and follow you back.

Be Generous but Discerning in Whom You Follow Back

Follow Mari Smith on Twitter, and if you’ve got an interesting bio or you share cool stuff, she’ll almost certainly follow you back. That’s not to say she follows everyone who follows her. She has 280,000 followers, but only follows 140,000 Twitter users.

Why this strategy works: When you follow-back your followers, they feel noticed and more connected to you. So check out all your new followers, and if you find them interesting, follow them back.

Make Your Followers Feel Good

Mari inspires her followers with feel-good quotes. Around one of every eight tweets she posts is a quote like this:

So go out and collect things that inspire you. A wonderful place to start your research is The Quote Garden.

Why this strategy works: Sending out a negative vibe on Twitter is a sure-fire way to irritate your followers. Mari’s approach is the opposite. Because her followers feel good, they come back for more.

Look Like a Pro (and Reveal Your Personality)

Social media blurs the lines between professional and personal. Businesses can no longer hide behind corporate masks. On social media, people want to interact with real people. At the same time, if you’re using Twitter for work, you’ve got to show you’re a true pro. It’s a tricky tightrope to walk, and Mari keeps her balance perfectly.

Mari’s Twitter headshot is incredibly professional:

Mari Smith

(And of course she’s smiling – she’s a bubbly Scottish-Canadian!)

Meanwhile, her header image reveals her personality:

Mari Smith Twitter Header

Why this strategy works: Mari’s images show that she’s a caring, fun-loving human being, while also showing that she’s a pro. Talking of being fun-loving…

Don’t Be Afraid of Getting Personal

No, your followers aren’t interested in what you had for breakfast (unless you’re a serial breakfast blogger). But they do want to know that you’re human. They want to see that you’re someone they can relate to.

Mari only shares personal updates now and again, but when she does, they give a HUGE insight into her personality and the things that make her feel alive.

Why this strategy works: Sharing stories from real life makes Mari relatable. It also shows there’s more to her than sharing interesting articles and videos.

Make Your Bio Count

In your Twitter bio, you only have 160 characters to convey as much as you can about yourself.

As with her photos, Mari’s bio shows that she’s a pro and reveals her personality. Her bio includes the fact that:

  • She’s a Forbes Top social media Power Influencer
  • She’s a Facebook marketing expert and a globe-trotting speaker and author
  • She’s a bubbly, playful, go-getter Scottish-Canadian (The phrase ‘Mari like Ferrari’ says a huge amount in just three words)

She also includes playful symbols in her bio, again showing personality.

Why this strategy works: People on Twitter are busy, and they make snap decisions. Your bio must pique their curiosities if they’re going to follow you.

Schedule Your Posts

Mari’s one busy lady, so of course she can’t be on Twitter around the clock. She uses Hootsuite to manage all her social media accounts and schedule updates. Here’s her top Hootsuite tip:

Drag the little ‘Hootlet’ bookmarklet to your browser’s toolbar to be able to post content to any of your social profiles from the web.

Why this strategy works: By scheduling, you keep your social media feed updated without constantly needing to tend to it. You engage your followers without being online 24/7.

Curate Content

How does Mari decide what to share on Twitter? Most of the time, she curates content that’s relevant to her followers. As we’ve shared previously, curation is an excellent social media strategy.

Mari’s secret, revealed in her 15 Social Media Power Tips, is to curate as she goes. When she finds an article she likes, she uses the Hootlet bookmarklet to add it to her social media schedule.

Why this strategy works: Curation means you get the benefits of posting frequently without the time suck of creating content yourself.

Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

Every time Mari shares a link, she credits the author of the article she shares by tagging him or her on Twitter. This shows respect for the person whose article she’s sharing. It’s also an effective networking strategy, as when Mari tags someone, she appears in their notifications feed.

Why this strategy works: Who doesn’t love to be included in a tweet on Twitter?

The (Not-So) Secret Formula: Add Your Own Two Cents’ Worth

This tip is Mari’s big (open yet rarely used) secret.

Re-writing headlines adds value to what you curate, but it takes time and energy. Mari doesn’t rewrite headlines. Instead, she adds unique, insightful comments to everything she shares. These comments:

  • Compliment the person who created the content.
  • Provide incentive for her followers to click through.
  • Add her voice – so her fingerprints are all over them when people share (and, my, how they share!).

Mari’s magic touch is to always include a comment in square brackets, to add exclamation marks after her comments, and to make each comment as unique as possible.

Here are two examples [we really like these!]:


The Mari Smith Twitter Formula

Here’s the Mari Smith Twitter formula in a nutshell:

  • Follow lots of people – especially people that interest you
  • Be personable and professional
  • Use curated content, so you can update your Twitter feed regularly
  • Schedule your posts to save time
  • Tag people whenever you can
  • Always say thank you and add your own special touch

Thank you, Mari for being such an awesome, fun-loving, and engaging tweeter!

If you enjoyed this post, you can follow Mari on Twitter here.

Lori R Taylor is the founder and executive editor of Social Caffeine. In 2009 she started her own direct response focused social media agency, REV Media Marketing LLC, coining the phrase given by her young son, “You bring the rain, we’ll make it pour.” Follow Lori on Twitter.

David is our acting editor. He’s British, but we don’t hold that against him.

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