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The fact is, some folks are adamantly against social media. They think it is a frivolous waste of time; too dangerous; too time consuming to be a truly effective marketing tool. This is unfortunate because social media has enough momentum to change the world even more than it already has and some very crucial sectors of our society are going to be left behind.

Some people tell me they simply don’t have the time to manage anything else in their lives. This is odd. If I told you there was a new way for you to make a profit would you tell me you don’t have time? If so, then I guess you’re no longer in business. Maybe you’re retired.

There is nothing free in this world. Everything you do or want to do requires an investment of some kind. Whether it is an investment of time, or money or some other resource, it is a pay-to-play world in which we live. If you expect to get something for nothing, you are in the wrong place. However, that doesn’t mean you should expect to work for nothing. In fact, time is money, so you need to be certain you effectively using your time to produce the best possible results for yourself and your company.

There are two sides to every coin. With a comprehensive social media marketing plan in place and a clear goal in mind you can better protect your interests; you’ll know whether or not your efforts are achieving the desired results and if they aren’t you can adjust accordingly.

But to ignore the importance of using social media marketing because you don’t have time seems to be the most illogical argument around. Time is money, everything takes time, so if you expect to achieve something, anything, you need to be ready to spend some time doing it.

With a BILLION people using social media the potential returns are huge. But only those willing to pay for the opportunity will reap the rewards.


I believe there is another segment, and this segment is mostly unengaged. This segment includes the information technology professionals working in hospitals, radiology practices and groups, labs, and clinics. These are our health IT professionals who are enabling healthcare workflows, the delivery of patient data, and the interoperability between applications and providers.
In other words, health IT is an essential voice in healthcare.
So, we come back to time and the reason to participate. Let’s take a look at both.
Time to Engage in Health IT Social Media. First, let’s assume that our normal work day consists of eight hours; I know there are many who work more. What if we just took 28 minutes a day to learn something new or share something we did that worked well? Would we enhance our skills? Would we get better at what we do?
My argument is that the clear answer is “yes.” We are talking about 6% of our work time, and it is time well spent to learn, grow, and get better at what we do. With all the changes occurring in healthcare and being enabled by information technology, it is essential that we keep up-to-date, and it is essential we learn from similar experiences.

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