LinkedIn Marketing Can Deliver Sexy Results To Your Content Marketing Efforts

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The darling of the day right now is Facebook, and I don’t disagree it’s the place to be.  However, I’d challenge you to really dig into LinkedIn to try and make it work for your brand.  Some of my biggest successes for my clients has been achieve by adding LinkedIn to the mix.
LinkedIn is often over looked as a Plaxo like platform, and that could be your biggest mistake.  People on LinkedIn are business people, who have impressive discretionary incomes you should be attracted to when marketing your products and services.

From creating groups, joining groups and searching for relevant conversations through discussion and questions/answers forum – this can be a real opportunity to mine for gold.

Using polls, applications and tactical engagement strategies you can get them talking in no time.

LinkedIn can be leveraged and maximized by optimizing your profile, finding the right connections and through consistent participation it can be the easiest way to drive traffic to your blog, quickly. These 5 tips will get you going in the right direction.

With new features added regularly and all of the Fortune 500 represented, LinkedIn is a valuable source of data and connections that shouldn’t be overlooked. If you’re not a regular LinkedIn user, I encourage you to look beyond the basics and see the opportunities for businesses to showcase their productsadvertise in and out of network, and content sharing/syndication.

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