Latino Blogosphere Growing By Leaps And Bounds

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social media marketingNot everyone on Earth speaks and reads English you know. In fact, Spanish is quickly becoming the dominant language across the Blogosphere. An entire network of Latino blogs exists to share information relevant to Latinos around the world. Understanding this market and, perhaps more importantly, tapping into it, should be the goal of anyone looking to expand their reach. That was a theme at the 2011 Blog World Expo this week in New York City.
Latinos in Social Media, a non-profit group that tries to empower Latinos through social media was at BWENY this year to help focus attention on the growing Latino market online and encourage anyone interested in tapping into that market to give it a try.

“Our event is about bringing together communities that don’t normally talk to each other,” said BlogWorld founder Rick Calvert. “I grew up in San Diego. My backyard fence on Monument Road was the border, so I know about, and have been around, Latino issues,” he said.

The project surveyed 12,270 bloggers who answered LATISM’s call. The respondents were 53 percent female and 47 percent male, and respondents hailed mostly from California, New York, Florida and Texas.

The results provide a snapshot of a set of individuals whose opinions and demographics might be at odds with what people think they know about Latinos.

When asked what issue they would focus on first if they were president, the overwhelming majority listed education as the top priority Latino-issue, followed by health and jobs.

“The most striking development that came out of the survey was that education was the top issue,” said Sylvia Aguilera, director of federal government relations for McDonald’s and an executive board member of LATISM. “Immigration did not come up as one of the top issues, which lends credence to the fact that we care about a vast array of issues.”

There was also continued evidence that Latinos are increasingly wired into new and social media through mobile devices. The survey found that 85 percent of respondents owned a smartphone, identifying iPhone, Blackberry and Android by name, in that order.

The educational demographics showed that 67 percent of the bloggers had a college degree or higher.

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