Kyle Lacy: “Before the Dawn of Social Media Marketing”

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lori r taylor, revmediamarketing, social media, social media marketing, branding, product branding, networking, oneclicksocietyAs host of One Click Society at  Positive World Radio Network I have had an opportunity to sit down and talk with a great number of social media pioneers.

Kyle Lacy is one of those guys.

Before people knew what “social media marketing” was, Kyle was writing a book on leveraging the power and potential of Twitter.
I talked with Kyle about the current state of social media and to make the best use of the social media tools available today. We also talked about the future of social media; where it’s come from and where it’s going.

If you want to make the most of your social media marketing campaign listen to my entire interview with Kyle.
Here’s a piece:

…I think we’re coming to an age where integrated marketing and integrated communications is absolutely key. Now, the only difference between a one-way and two-way conversation is social media, whether you’re having a conversation with a group of customers or you are trying to get them to become advocates for your brand. I think that the main focus of social is more of that one word which is social, which is two-way communication between individuals.

…our main focus when we’re talking to people is this idea that the industrialization concept of as many eyeballs as you possibly can, you need to buy that billboard. One-way distribution of messaging has always been extremely important, and it still is extremely important. You should never listen to somebody that walks into the room and says you should get rid of all your traditional marketing and just go digital because it’s
absolutely stupid.
I think that the main focus is storytelling. I think that marketing has always been storytelling. I think that the best marketing, the best use of technology is allowing your customers to tell the story for you, and that is true advocacy, your constituents, your donors to tell the story for you. I think that social media allows a company to truly understand the concept of the brand advocacy. If I love a restaurant and I tweet about it, that has relevance.
Now, as an industry, we haven’t quite put our finger on what that metric of relevance is, how it actually affects the bottom line. We can say that it is an increase in brand awareness which is awesome, but I think that social is still a little bit slow on the whole metric type monitoring and measurement.
It’s more than just creating a Twitter page. It’s more than just creating a Facebook page. It’s actually a complete change in how you communicate to consumers. It’s not how you communicate necessarily. It’s how you allow them to be the communication vehicle for you.

Click here to listen to my entire interview with Kyle at One Click Society.

Click here to download the complete transcript of my interview with Kyle Lacy.

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