Know Which Social Media Site Is Right For Your Business

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As if owner your own business doesn’t give you enough things to worry about now you need to know which social media network will best help you get your message out. Because effectively using social media requires a commitment of time and money you need to choose your site carefully and optimize it for performance that works for you.

But where do you start?

Many businesses consider Facebook the most popular social media site and therefore create a Fan page which at least puts their face on the map, so to speak. This is a great start but it shouldn’t be the end of your social media engagement. In fact, depending on what you are trying to accomplish it might not be the best place for your business at all. With 750 million active users Facebook is definitely the largest social media network available. However, if your business is looking to connect with other businesses, LinkedIn is a much better choice for you.

With LinkedIn your company can reach other business professionals; attract leads, develop business relationships and extend your professional reach. LinkedIn is a “business” social media network. It is intended only for business professionals and has quickly mastered its niche. More business professionals rely on LinkedIn to promote their brand, product and companies online than any other social media network. This makes LinkedIn the go to resource for businesses looking to reach other businesses.

Before you jump into the social media fray, or consider jumping OUT of the social media fray you would better serve your interests by contacting a social media professional. They can help you analyze your existing social media network and help you devise a plan for improving the results you are getting. If you don’t yet have a social media network a social media professional can help you build a network that reflects your company’s interests and build a social media program which can provide the type of returns that make it worth the time you are investing in it.

The survey showed nearly 9 in 10 businesses do not use a blog for publicity. However, the 11% of businesses who do use a blog endorse, it with 80% agreeing that blogging is successful in terms of publicity.

Though Facebook is the most popular social media website, the majority of business decision makers whose company use social media to promote its business believe LinkedIn is in actual fact, the most successful site for doing so (28%). Perhaps unsurprisingly, Twitter and Facebook closely followed with 25% and 22% respectively.

Amongst those SMEs who use social media, the most popular use is to promote products and services of offer (68%) and promote the business’ brand (57%). Just 21% of SMEs use social media to promote discounts, promotional and special offers.

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