Know What Your New Employees Want (Hint: It’s Not More Money)

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Give Them What They Ask For

A recent survey of college graduates looking to enter the job market shows that what motivates them most is not the size of their paycheck but perks like the ability to be mobile, use social media and have a new gadget to get their work done faster.
This might come as a surprise to some employers, especially those who have been very slow to embrace social media, but it sounds reasonable enough to me.

The recent rise of social media and increased power of handheld computing makes perfect sense for people who want to get their work as efficiently as possible. Nobody wants to be stuck behind a green screen PC with a 56K modem while they are trying to find leads, close deals or transfer documents around the world. The technology exists to make workers more efficient. You should be using it.

Young workers, raised in the Digital Age, recognize the importance of having access to the latest technologies. If their potential employer does not offer this access they take that as a sign that the employer is slow on the uptake. It’s simple logic: Who wants to work for someone that will make it harder for them to do their job?

Employers can offer higher salaries to try and offset these deficiencies but this does little to restore confidence of the potential employees. If your company is slow to embrace new technological trends today, how far behind will you be next month? Next year? Five years from now? Nobody wants to be on the losing team and if they start out behind the eight ball it does not bode well for their future.

Or yours.

So, do yourself a favor and start taking a good long look at your infrastructure. How current is your technology? How ready are you to integrate technology that is coming down the pike? How ready are you to hire the next generation of mobile workers? Social media savvy is only one part of the equation, but it’s a great place to start.

For its second report, Cisco surveyed 2,800 workers under 30 and college students about to enter the work force in 14 countries. Here are some of the interesting findings:

One in three respondents (33 percent) said that they would prioritize social media freedom, device flexibility, and work mobility over salary in accepting a job offer.
40 percent of college students and 45 percent of young employees said they would accept lower pay if they get more flexibility with regard to device choice, social media access, and mobility as opposed to a higher pay with less flexibility.
56 percent of college students said that if they encountered a company that banned access to social media, they would either not accept a job offer or would join and find a way to circumvent corporate policy. One in four overall (24 percent) said social media access would be a key factor in accepting a job.
81 percent of college students want to choose the device for their job. They want to either receive budgeted funds to buy their own work device or bring in a personal device in addition to a standard company-issued machine. And 68 percent of employees believe their companies should allow them to access social media and personal sites with their work-issued devices.

Click here to read more of the Cisco survey results.

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