Spam or Slam: Can Justin Bieber Use His Power For Good?

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What is cause marketing and what does it have to do with Justin Bieber?

Cause marketing is just a fancy term for aligning your business with a cause you want to support through commerce.  It’s is a real way for brands to leverage giving back to build brand affinity and awareness for the cause and for themselves.

For example Harley Davidson has aligned themselves with Disabled American Veterans.

It’s brilliant and shows that Harley not only knows who their audience is but wants to connect emotionally as a brand that supports what their enthusiasts support.  Over 50% of their audience are veterans.

Surprising? Probably not.

Which is why it makes a hell of a lot of sense for them to give back to the people that matter most – their customers.

Cause marketing is a brilliant strategy and one I’d love to see more brands jump onto.

Think about Procter & Gamble…

Does my child care what chips she eats?

Less than you’d think since she spends more time on the net than they do in front of the tube.  But if my daughter could save a whale by buying chips, I’d need two shopping carts and a bigger pantry, trust me. And most of these big brands give away hundreds of millions of dollars behind the scenes anyway.

How hard would it be to tie those efforts to in-store marketing?

Not very.

I have to admit I’m not a Bieber follower.  At 41 years old, why would I be?  And with 5 kids it’s hard not to be. Except I have 4 boys and two of them are in diapers.  I’ve raised my 11 year old girl right and if you don’t have four legs and can take her over a jump, she’s just not interested. So I’ve been able to avoid the madness at home.

(Side note – want to develop your girls into mature responsible ladies?  Put them on the back of a horse.  Even if you have to work two jobs to do it – the rewords are tenfold or more over what you invest.)

But being a social media enthusiast means I simply can’t avoid the Bieber effect, and most likely neither can you.

Finally, he’s giving me a reason to pay attention by giving back to schools all over the country with this innovative partnership Justin has developed of School4All. It definitely warms my heart and I commend him for his efforts to give back where he can most likely do the most good.

Using a contest to put up a page and create a fundraiser with the most successful page winning a visit from him to your school is right up there with one of the best uses of cause marketing I’ve seen.

GRAND SLAM: It’s relevant and extraordinary, and with the Bieber magic no doubt will go viral.

But how could it be better?

Well for one thing, they need to have a page up you can click through to instead of having to remember the URL.  You can see brand logo during the entire video, but would be nice to have it be a url instead.  And if they have a Facebook page, that should be up there as well.

If you are lucky enough to grab someone’s attention you must give the user every chance to take action and make it EASY.

But what if you are just a regular ‘ole local business with a limited network- how could you get Justin to help you with your brand?

You can’t.

But you know what you can do?

Find a local athlete to partner with you.  If you have a professional baseball, football or basketball team, you’d be surprised how willing the players are to be your spokesperson to help local communities.  Sometimes all you have to do is ask.

Be organized.

Get your “elevator pitch” down.  Be able to explain in 2 minutes or less what you are trying to do.  Make it worth their while to get involved.  Have a plan that is easy for them to say yes too.  Make it simple.

Be interesting.

Make sure there is something in it for them without the local celeb having to do too much heavy lifting.  You want to design it in a way you don’t need them to do much heavy lifting because it is difficult to control and execute. (Herding cats should come to mind.)


Just ask.  Sometimes just asking is the one thing no one does.  Do it.  Today. See what happens.

And in the meantime, get involved.

Ride the wave.

There is nothing wrong with coat tailing on this promotion either.  Get a local athlete to support your page and participate in this program. Put a deserving school near you on the map and use your restaurant or small business to contribute to fundraising efforts.

For example, you could give a 50% off coupon for a 2nd meal that is redeemable towards donating to the school where they pay full price, but you donate the coupon amount to the school.  Be the good guy with a good message, show your heart and make them see you are a local business worth supporting because you support the local community.

This stuff goes a long way.  Try it.  What do you have to lose?

Check out the video and see if this is something you could make work for you and your community.

Are you doing anything interesting to support your local community?

Have you seen a local campaign worth mentioning?

Leave a comment and let me know how I can help spread the word!


Lori Taylor


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