Jonas Brother Single Gets Social Media Push

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social media managementJoe Jonas, the middle brother in the “Jonas Brothers Band” is releasing a new single soon in anticipation of a new album which is scheduled to follow soon after. This Jonas wants to differentiate himself from his brothers by finding a unique sound that is all his own. He doesn’t mind enlisting his old band’s legion of fans to help him spread the word and sell more records, however.
Smart move.
In the past when one member of a popular musical act set out on their own it often led to disappointing record sales for the simple reason that their name alone didn’t have the same cache. In today’s social media world it is a whole lot easier to build a brand as an individual, play off past successes and have a new career built on the foundation of an old one.

Twitter has been abuzz since Jonas announced earlier this month his debut single would soon be released, with one emphatic fantweeting, “OMG I’M GOING TO START COUNTING DOWN THE DAYS UNTIL #SEENOMORE by @joejonas ahhh!! finally! 😀 😀 cant wait joe!”

Just mere mention of the album name and the date the first single would be unveiled drew 7,099 likes on Jonas’ Facebook page and nearly 1,400 comments — in multiple languages — from exhilarated fans who can’t wait to hear Joe’s break-out solo.

Even Jonas himself appeared excited about the hype surrounding his upcoming single – and for the opportunity to share his new sound with his global fanbase. “Excited to see everyone pumped about the single news,” he tweeted last week. Two days earlier, Joe tweeted, “Thanks for making #seenomore number 1 trending last night! So pumped for you all to hear the new music.”

To all those anxious teenage girls who may fear Joe’s single means he’s permanently divesting himself of his brothers’ musical talents, fear not. The middle brother has promised that the band is just taking time to work on some individual projects and does not intend to break up.

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