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Jonathan Rowland, son of the one-time Conservative party treasurer David, has formally launched his latest stock market venture – Jellybook – intended to invest in social media companies.

As if we needed further proof that social media is a force to be reckoned with and only just now starting to emerge as a true industry, someone comes along and starts a new investment tool aimed squarely at the abundance of new social media sites popping up every day. Social media is growing and so are the many sues people are finding it for it. Social media marketing is certainly one use. Marketers have discovered there is no better, or more cost effective method from getting a brand name out there then to use social media as the vehicle.
Whether the trend of growing social media sites continues or if they begin to evolve toward a more centralized core, only time will tell. But between now and then you can bet investors will be watching the markets and putting their money where it stands the best chance of providing massive returns.

Rowland, chairman of the Luxembourg-based but Bermuda-registered cash shell, said: “The rise of social media in the past five years has been a development of global proportions. Yet until now public market investors have had limited opportunities to invest in this fast-growing sector. We believe that Jellybook will provide them with that opportunity in the UK.”

He hopes to find a deal in 18 months, following on from the listings of companies such as Linkedin and Renren, and plans by US company Groupon to sell shares.

“We believe the investment case for Jellybook is clear and is backed by an unprecedented interest in social media, from investors to end users.

“Social media is helping to redefine global business and the way in which people go about their daily lives,” Rowland said. The Rowland family bank, Banque Havilland, which was created out of the Luxembourg operations of the collapsed Icelandic bank Kaupthing, is underwriting the £3m flotation on Aim.

Jellybook will focus on companies involved in “both digital media and social networking, in particular companies that are offering solutions using existing social media platforms”, and is most likely to target an acquisition in Europe.

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