IT Departments (Finally) Learning To Play Nice With Others

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How Has IT Helped You Lately?

A recent report indicates that legal departments and IT departments are finally beginning to bridge the gap when it comes to working together. This follows on the heels of a recent report indicating that IT departments were starting to loosen up a little when it came to integrating social media into the corporate infrastructure.

This good news for anyone who has met resistance from IT departments when it came to anything relating to social media. Their resistance so far has been fierce, with some departments refusing to allow even a hint of social media because of fears of total system collapse, stolen proprietary information and security breaches into the mainframe.

None of these things has happened, of course, but IT departments claim it is not because it hasn’t been tried, but because they (IT departments) have been so vigilant.

I completely disagree with this stance. It seems to me, every time a hacker (or group of hackers) has set out to accomplish something mischievous, they have successes beyond anyone’s wildest imaginings. They have ransacked so-called secure accounts at major financial institutions, military agencies and even advanced technology firms. I don’t recall the last time an attack from Facebook or Twitter was thwarted, much less successful, simply because that is not the nature of social media.

As a social media marketer you have no doubt received your fair share of IT department roadblocks when it comes to instituting a social media marketing plan. This might have been as limiting as “no social media allowed” or something less sinister like key web sites being blocked during specific time periods during the day. Either way it has inhibited your ability to do your job, right?

Hopefully these two latest pieces of news point to a growing belief among IT specialists that they may have misjudged social media and can now safely mitigate any risks associated with it. At the very least, the revenue being produced by many social media marketers has more and more company executives looking at social media not as the enemy, but as a welcome friend, and everyone in the corporation better tow the line.


Recommind, the leader in predictive information management software, today released the results of its third annual survey on the working relationship between corporate IT and legal departments. In contrast with last year’s study, this year’s indicates that the two departments are forging a more productive relationship as they work together to manage the most sensitive data in the enterprise.

According to this year’s report, which surveyed senior IT managers at enterprises averaging 17,500 employees, technical knowledge of eDiscovery is improving across the board, and legal and IT departments are coming together to solve new dilemmas posed by internal investigations, regulatory requests and the skyrocketing use of social media.

The state of the relationship

Overall, the survey suggests that the state of the relationship between legal and IT is holding steady, with 52.1% rating it “good” or “very good,” compared to 54.5% in 2010. Drilling down into the details, however, respondents reported a number of positive trends.

Click here to read more about relationships between IT and legal departments.

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