Is Your Marketing Campaign Insane?

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Unfortunately too many people create marketing campaigns with too many moving parts, not clearly identifying wins along the way, except the occasional focus on leads or sales (which should be the ultimate outcome for any initiative.)

Trying to move a brand out of the old mentality or plain old ROI is difficult.  But if you can get them to drill down in a language they understand, you might have a shot.

For example, I had a health insurance client who wanted use to use social media to drive leads.  No matter how we explained that is a slow and organic process, this is all they focused on.  Brand affinity, reach, influence and trust had no meaning for them.  Even when we explained these goals would majorly impact their conversion rates.

Unless you ask the tough questions and manage your client’s expectations, you could find yourself trying to explain why a wildly successful social media campaign that improved positive sentiment, doubled brand mentions and created an engaged influential crowd for spreading the world, didn’t suck and wasn’t a waste of money.

Without goals and goal values you are not doing web analytics, you are doing web iamwastingyourlifeandminelytics. Sorry, OOD.

After following a structured process to create a Web Analytics Measurement Model most companies find that they are able to identify the goals for their web business.

What they find exceedingly hard to do is identify the economic value added to the business when those goals (micro-conversions) are met.

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