Is Your Brand All Talk And No Action? (5 Easy Fixes!)

by Lori Taylor · 1 comment

Word of mouth marketing. Social media buzz. Conversation starter.

The buzz words from 2010 are endless, and so, oh I don’t know so 2010…

The real question is – now that you’ve got them “buzzing” are they taking action?

Or are you just something fun to chat about at lunch as the 2nd glass of wine is being ordered?

Seriously, social media marketing has turned into social media madness for many traditional brands with very deep pockets – but now what?

Your brand has fans, you get your likes and oh they just love you so much on Twitter…

But do they buy?

Do you mean anything more to them than a fun way to set a friend on fire at Facebook?  Do they love YOU?

If not, you are as good as your last campaign and that’s it, which won’t be sustainable – just ask Hollywood.  Any movie can get a great buzz – but if the butts don’t get in the seats, it gets killed instantly – but that’s not so easy with social media.

With social media promotions, you’re not just giving power to the consumer, they are taking it and running with it.  If the management upstairs decides your jean giveawy isn’t cutting the mustard and that’s all you have, what do you have to fall back on?

The best thing you can do in 2011 is to go a little deeper and work hard to make them care, now that you have their attention.

We threw the term ‘Conversation’ around quite a bit in 2010 and now it’s time to double that effort. It doesn’t stop here nor will it ever slow down. Think about the ways you touch your consumer with your communication. Do they ever touch back? Digital has a tremendous reach, but it may be time to revisit a good old, face-to-face experience. There are people behind every brand. Does your consumer realize that about you? How do you show your personality, your responsiveness?

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