Is This The Greatest BMW Video Of All Time?

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Made for BMW, but not by BMW, pretty cool eh?  Why aren’t more brands jumping on grabbing these heart felt, genuine, passionate videos by their clearly raving fans?

What an opportunity!  Go to YouTube, search for your favorite brands, I think you’ll find they users do better than the actual brand does.


Because they aren’t trying to sell you anything!  This content is coming from stark raving <enter brand name here> mad fans – and it could be all good for any brand.

Can you imagine the power being sent to the people, where we knew if we put a video out there, made the effort to spread the word, and a brand might contact us with a big fat check (smaller than what they’d pay an agency for the same video)?  It would be almost as cool as Publisher’s Clearing House driving up to your house with a cardboard check – for real – because you didn’t have to fill out all the crazy forms and buy cd’s you didn’t want to enter!

This is for marketers who believe that advertising featuring stereotypically petty backbiting between men and women, humor involving nudity, nutshots or passed gas or sarcastic meta-absurdity like the Old Spice Guy is good brand building. See this video put together by the son of a motorcycle owner. It is the greatest brand-building commercial of all time and BMW should buy rights to it immediately and show it all over the world forever.

See the video here…

Lori Taylor


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