Is There A Seminar for Seminars Junkies? (the 411 on your addiction)

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Are you one of those people? You know…the kind of person who signs up for every course, seminar or ebook that promises a six-figure income, more control over your life or the fountain of youth.

If so, are you one of the two or three people out of roughly every hundred who order those programs to actually commit to following the information? Because if not – if you keep buying these things and they never make their way out of the box – you’re what I like to call a Seminar Junkie.

The fact that you’re motivated enough to invest in this stuff is great but unless you really, really commit to it and do what the person who developed the program is telling you to do, you’re just maxing out your credit cards on hope.

You’re buying a fantasy of what could happen and what you could be doing in your life but if you don’t act on the information you have in front of you – if you’re not one of those people who restructure their days and commit with everything they have – you’re going to get frustrated when nothing in your life changes. Then you and I both know you’ll be off to the next thing. You’re a genuine seminar junkie but I have yet to see a course offering a cure for your disorder.

It’s easy enough to understand why you keep buying this stuff. The Internet and the great big world of social networking offer easy access to all this information and we see so many successful people making all this money and we think – why can’t I do that?

The promise of a better life is impossible to ignore.

The truth is you can have a better life.

You’re the only person standing in your way. The marketers aren’t the problem and you can’t sit back and say that this program didn’t work or that program was a waste of money if you didn’t get results – unless you actually threw yourself into it and gave it everything you had.

I mean, how can you say this program or that didn’t work if you didn’t actually try it? That’s like saying the gym didn’t help you lose any weight even though you never went to the gym after you bought your membership.

The bottom line is you need to commit to whatever it is you’re purchasing or you might as well leave it where it is…unless you can find a twelve-step program for program junkies!

Why do you think you haven’t cracked the spine on the last ebook or course you invested in, anyway? Please leave a comment and let’s discuss!

Lori Taylor


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