Is Personal Branding Just A Bunch Of Crap?

by Lori Taylor · 3 comments

branding, product brandingI don’t really do snarky for the sense of snarky.   As a writer, I can be sarcastic, but unless angered and truly ranting, I attempt to keep a humorous, but smart, make you think voice, with a touch of  heart.

And I absolutely I hate haters. Oxymoron?  I can live with that.

I don’t care who you are – if you’re putting yourself out there and legitimately trying, I get a little disgusted by the assholes with nothing better to do than pick apart other people’s opinions.

I tend to lean towards opinion leaders who are more positive in nature like Mari Smith, Jonathan Fields (even though he will tell it like it is) and Jay Baer.  Yet, blogs like Spin Sucks or The Anti Social Media – well let’s put it this way…if you are original and smart, it’s just hard to ignore you.

Today I read a laugh out loud post ripping apart personal branding, taking all vanilla stereotypical tips and basically making jokes about the lameness of the personal branding steps some people are taking.  I agree with his tone, where just like beauty, personal branding is just skin deep when you go through the motions.  You must put who you are into your core to take your brand to a believable level.

If you want to really honor yourself and your readers, then you might want to take a look at my view on the personal branding that best benefits your brand. I have mapped out for you at my post “5 Tips To Build An Outrageously Authentic Brand”.  If you want to see what you might be doing wrong, please, please oh please take the time to read this post at The Anti Social Media.  It’s just plain funny and a good recap of what is wrong with people online.

I think my personal favorite is…

“Have your niche – In today’s modern world, you can’t just be good at a skill or two. You’ve got to corner yourself in a niche that may be meaningless in two weeks.

Instead of doing good work and letting it stand for itself, the personal branding mafia wants you to sell yourself on some vague online presence that may very well have nothing to do with the job you want or the skills you have. They forget there’s this thing called the real world (not the TV show) where things happen, and people’s actions matter more than their ability to set up a WordPress blog.

So, here are 11 crappy tips you’ll see from personal branding “professionals” who want you to pay more attention to them and their “brand” than actually taking care of yourself.

Read the other 10 “tips” here for a great laugh….

Lori Taylor


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George Ridout February 13, 2011 at 5:25 am

Lori. This is superb! I’m in tears laughing at the way you packaged balance and common sense with the outrageous.

Your blog post is an article that just had to be published.

Your “leave a comment” prompt calls for me to submit a website name.

What a quandry! Should I submit my website called and smack of pack-following brand-bigotry, or use a meaningful, authentic site name (never my own name will do for authentic)? LOL

I’m going away to improve your brand reach by blogging about this refreshing and authentic blog article.

Thanks for making my day


Lori Taylor February 13, 2011 at 8:23 am

George any time I bring someone to tears with laughter, my work is done. I’m hear all week don’t forget to tip your waiters and waitresses – LOL. Thanks for stopping by and your kind words.


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