Is Marketing Killing Social Media?

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Social Media Is Not Marketing

In the world of social media, marketing is a permanent resident. There is no denying that social media marketers have made a home on sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and any site with a big enough audience to make it worth their time and effort. They are posting messages, links to their homepages and generally maintaining a steady flow if content from their pages, almost all of which is geared to their call-to-action.

But are marketers ruining social media?

I don’t think so. In fact, I think the continued use of social media by marketers is creating a richer, more fulfilling social media experience for everyone through innovation. They are continually pushing the envelope, driving the social media networks to upgrade their features and expand their reach in order to keep up with user demands.

Marketers on social media may seem overbearing at times. As a social media manager myself I understand I walk a fine line between relationship marketing and flooding the marketplace with information overload. I have to cultivate the relationships my clients want to build through social media, which means I cannot risk alienating the very people my clients are trying to reach. So my messages are brief, to the point and interspersed with information which is relevant to the people who Follow/Fan or add us to their Circles.

Unfortunately, not every marketer has the same idea of civility online. Some marketers flood their social media networks with an abundance of self-serving messages with little regard for what their network may want. This is not good for their network, or their clients. It does nothing to serve the greater conversation or “push the envelope” when it comes to new ways of using social media. In fact, using your social media network incorrectly will actually hurt your network far more than doing nothing at all, which is what every good social media marketer knows.

With this in mind I believe it is likely that as time goes by social media marketers who do not use these tools properly will slowly go away as they inevitably drive themselves out of business.

Social media started with people simply connecting, as C.C. Chapman said in this interview with WebProNews recently: It didn’t take long, however for marketers to jump in on that connection. And who could blame them? Social media has, without question, opened a direct line of two-way communication with customers and prospects that wasn’t really possible before.

“I remember the early days of the web, and everybody freaked out that there was…’oh no, you’re gonna ruin it by making money,’ but let’s face it. Businesses have to exist,” said Chapman. “They exist for a reason. The online space continues to grow, and the tools and technology are there, and businesses are never going to go away.”

However, “Common sense gets forgotten,” he said. “Basic manners. Basic talking to people seems to get lost in the megaphone of the Internet. Companies suddenly realize they can say whatever they want, and say it to thousands of people. They forget that at the end of the day…people buy from people still.”

“I think at the end of the day, the company that has basic common sense – basic manners, and still has a good product, and is out there, I’m going to connect. I’m going to buy from them a lot more.”

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