Is Facebook Blocking Google+ Invites?

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If you believe Google+, Facebook is blocking Google+ invites on its system. If you believe Facebook, the problem is merely a technical glitch and not an overt attempt to block Google+.

It seems the issue has only arisen on specific user accounts. The issue first started making the rounds when Vic Gundotra, Google Senior Vice President of social business, posted a YouTube video on his Google+ status update (or whatever they call it.) Other Google+ users have chimed in saying they had a similar problem, while still others chimed in to say they had no such problem at all.

Facebook says the issues is a technical glitch caused by their spam filtering technology.

It’s a back and forth argument as each side blames the other for trying to make something out of nothing (Facebook to Google) and infringing on their right to exist (Google to Facebook.)

So far, not enough users have experienced enough problems to cause Facebook to issue any sort of official release regarding the issue, and Google has not officially filed a complaint against Facebook.

It remains to be seen if the issue is real or merely a “glitch” as Facebook claims, but you can bet whatever the issue, now that it has the spotlight it will likely fade away like a shadow.

Soon after Google+ launched, Google shut down its invite system because of high demand. Now, Google allows its users to invite more people, and an obvious place for them to look is the world’s largest social network: Facebook. Users are thus sharing Google+ invite links on their Facebook walls. Google claimed this week that Facebook is actively blocking these invites.

Vic Gundotra, Google Senior Vice President of social business, linked to a video posted on YouTube (embedded above) demonstrating that Google+ invites shared on Facebook were not showing up in the News Feed of other Facebook users. “We are getting reports of Google+ invite links not showing up on Facebook news feeds anymore (they appear to have stopped on Friday), he wrote on Google+. “I wonder how widespread this problem is?”

Comments on Gundotra’s Google+ post filled up to the max with users trying to reproduce the issue. “Vic’s post is filling up with comments (yeah… we’ll fix that) so wanted to give you another place to share your experiences… and insights…,” Bradley Horowitz, Google’s vice president of product management, posted on Google+. Comments on both threads reported mixed results: some had the issue while others did not.

Facebook has denied the fact that it is stopping users from sharing the Google+ invite URL. The social networking giant noted that it has a display-filtering technology that helps prevent spam, which almost always includes a link. As a result, it is possible for this system to exclude a certain link from re-appearing on a user’s News Feed if it has previously been posted several times.

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