Inspiring! This Video Is A Grand Slam For ANY Brand

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How unbelievable are these people in this video and why hasn’t any brand JUMPED on this?

Why re-create a wheel that’s already proven when you could connect with these videos that are already rocking our world?

People love to laugh (too many times at other people’s expense), we’ll even rubber-neck at a train wreck (unfortunately), but what we really want to be is INSPIRED.

Can you imaging a Pepsi challenge with even 10 of these examples as a promo? Perfecto!

But truly, this inspirational approach would work for ANY brand, just consider the following suggestion insert your brand name where relevant.

Example Campaign Example For <Brand Name>

Do The Impossible – you inspire the makers of <brand> to think more creatively, try harder and want to do more for the people out there with <problem brand solves – 5 kids, headaches, backaches>.

We want to make it easier for you to do all that you do.

You take our breath away.

Enter by showing us how awesome you are!

By running a video contest you’re not encouraging “Jack-Ass” like behavior or dangerous stunts. You simply pick and clip together those that represent your target audience the best.

But knowing who your audience is will be the key to your ultimate success.

If the affinity for your brand happens to be moms – then focus it on all the moms out there who are doing the impossible. If it’s young men, show young men competing.

You know your audience best (or you should) and it’s your job to create a video THEY want to see, but finding YouTube channels with videos that have even moderate success could be saving you thousands and end up making you millions.

Swing for the fences baby!

Watch this video to get a quick shot of inspiration…


Lori Taylor


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