Understanding the Importance of Positioning

It has been said that positioning in the realm of marketing involves not how you market your product and brand in the marketplace, but rather how you develop the consumer’s image of the product or brand. This is of course conducted through very detailed, well-planned, and targeted campaigns and efforts that pertain to everything from the packaging on your product to TV ad spots airing during prime time. So what is the importance of positioning exactly? Here’s what you should understand:

  1. Exploring the Product From the Consumer’s View – To understand the importance of positioning, you should start by trying to see your product from the consumer’s viewpoint, including the strengths, weaknesses, and so on of the product. Then consider how your brand stacks up to the competition.
  2. Exploring the Benefits – Along these same lines, you want to look at what benefits your product offers versus what the competition’s offers, but this should be done through the consumer’s eyes. Where does your product stand apart?
  3. Exploring Different Groups’ Beliefs – Not every consumer will have the same feelings about your product or brand, so really focus on breaking down the perceived notions of various groups so you can target your positioning more effectively.

Positioning as it relates to branding is not an easy thing to accomplish. You can spend quite a bit of money, time, and effort trying to research how your product is currently positioned in the marketplace and try your hardest through well-planned efforts and strategies to reposition your product to boost profits. This is not easy, however. When reviewing the importance of positioning, one of the best things to know is that it is easier to position your product effectively and accurately during the initial launch than it is to back-track and try to reposition it on the fly.