What Is the Importance of a Logo?

A study was done several decades ago in which young children were shown a single letter from the logos of various companies and asked what brand it represented. The children were shown the “M” from the McDonald’s logo and they blurted out “McDonald’s!” They were shown simply the cursive “C” from the Coca-Cola logo and they knew it was Coke. They didn’t even need to see the entire logo to determine the brand name and even to make them hungry or thirsty for the product!

Of course, this kind of reaction doesn’t happen overnight. Both of these companies and many more have spent hundreds of millions of dollars developing that logo and putting it in front of our faces all of our lives. The logo you create for your business has no chance of ever becoming quite so memorable, but there are ways that, by understanding the importance of a logo, you can make it a little more noticed.

The importance of a logo is simply that it is shorthand for your brand, your company, and the relationship that people will have with it. When they see your logo, then should taste your food, experience the store, or remember the employee who helped them. The importance of a logo is that it should say in an instant what reams of company information or hours’ worth of time can’t express.

Most companies spend a fortune developing their logo and continually tweaking it as the years go by. Even logos that you think have stayed the same throughout the years – Coke, McDonald’s, IBM, Nike, Apple, Starbucks – have all been changing. The colors change slightly. The font changes slightly. You don’t notice it, but there are psychological and sociological reasons why the companies do this, and the fact that they are still memorable shows that it works.