If It’s Not An Issue When You’re Drunk, Move Past It

by Lori Taylor · 1 comment

Do you make decisions from fear?  And before you answer, let me get you a better foundation of what I’m talking about.

I went on a year long journey focusing on getting in touch with my “soul” – my “creative spirit” – my “right brain”.  Why?  Because my mind had taken over my life and was boring the hell out of me.

You see I’m a very logical girl.  My left brain keeps me safe by making sure my decisions to take risks have contingency plans and helps me build a road map for success.

My left brain also lies and is incapable of understanding the true possibilities of doing something I have done before.  I let it override my gut and intuition because I like “certainty”.  But I also began to realize, it was holding me back from doing something magical.

If you make decisions to start a new project with risk assessment, then you are making a decision out of fear.  Fearing the unknown cramps our spirit and limits our potential for greatness.

If you’ve ever taken a drink to relax, or to let the day melt away, then you know what I’m talking about when I say – if it doesn’t matter when you’re drunk, why should it matter when you are sober?  When the brain gets intoxicated, the logical side of you shuts down, evidenced by driving through white castles at 2 am, or perhaps thinking taking a bathroom break on the side of the road is no big deal.

I’m definitely not saying to get drunk and I do not believe you should make any decision when you are inebriated.  But there is something to be said for the freedom you believe exists when it’s just you, tequila and the right side of your brain.

The external obstacles can be very different and it’s hard to give a magic-pill solution for those. However, the internal ones usually repeat themselves over time. I mean things like: lack of confidence, fear, lack of eloquence, “I’m not worthy enough”, “I can’t take it”, the what-ifs, “I’m gonna go to jail for that” – kinda thing. The internal ones are usually relatively easy to overcome once you’re drunk.

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