Hubspot Survey Says Social Media Marketing Brings Customers

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social media marketingA new survey by Hubspot says new brands are finding new customers via their social media marketing campaigns. Is this a surprise to anyone in business today?
It shouldn’t be.
In fact, corporations large and small are pouring more and more money into their social media marketing strategies in an effort to get their brand and their business in front of the ever growing audience.
Facebook now has more users than most countries. At last count nearly three-quarters of a billion people (750,000,000 million) were members of that global social network. On any given day millions upon millions of people are posting status updates, checking out Fan pages and cruising through the status updates of their closest friends, family and neighbors.
Who thinks marketing on Facebook is not a good idea?
The fact that a new survey by Hubspot shows new businesses find more new customers via their social media marketing campaign is good news, but hardly ‘new’ news. It’s just news.

The study asked marketers about their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn usage and success. All three platforms have proven to bring in more new clients year-over-year. For instance, 44 percent of marketers say they acquired new customers via Facebook in 2010 compared to 48 percent in 2011. Twitter also showed y-o-y gains, with 42 percent of marketers saying the microblogging site brings in new customers.

LinkedIn showed the most dramatic annual gains. In 2010, 41 percent of businesses said LinkedIn marketing resulted in sales, and this year 57 percent of marketers say the professional-oriented social site brings new customers. This finding supports Brafton’s earlier reports that business logins on the site are rising and that LinkedIn is continuously gaining users.

Notably, both B2B and B2C brands are seeing success with social marketing. LinkedIn was especially useful for B2B companies in terms of driving leads, with 61 percent of business-to-business firms gaining new customers through the channel. More than one-third of B2C firms also have success in finding new clients with the site, but Facebook seems best for gaining B2C clients (cited as a valuable source of customers by 67 percent of marketers).

Social media marketing may prove to bring in new customers through other channels as well. As Brafton has reported, Google’s Matt Cutts says social marketing is key to SEO, which suggests it can help brands gain traction among search audiences.

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