How To Use Twitter (It’s Easier Than You Think)

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What’s A Tweet?

Let’s begin with the basics.

Twitter is a micro-blogging platform, where your messages, broadcast to anyone who wants to listen, are limited to just 140-characters.

That means every letter counts.

You are free to post as many of these micro-messages (tweets) as you like. But you must realize there are readers on the other side of those tweets. Flood your stream and you’ll drown your followers.

Tweet Like You Mean It

The last thing you want to do is alienate your Twitter Followers (people who read your tweets). They followed you for a reason, probably based on what you said in your bio. Be respectful of their interests and never, ever bring spam to the party.

Never go on and about how great you are, no one cares.

Always place quality over quantity.

Tweet like you speak, and your readers will read like they listen.

Be sincere.

Make sure the content you’re linking to is interesting and always be aware of how much you send. Blabbermouths might be fun for a while, but people tire of them quickly.

Avoid The Pitch

You might think Twitter is a tremendous sales tool, and it is, but don’t be the guy at the party handing out business cards when everyone else is talking about the game. 

Social media is relationship marketing. And relationship marketing means establishing trust with your network. Pushing a fire sale via Twitter is like plastering your neighborhood with flyers for your infomercial.

1. “Shouting” specials at your followers

There is a tendency among businesses new to Twitter to simply use their account as a way to announce daily happy hour specials or menu changes without interacting with their fans. This is a mistake.

While communicating ‘what’s going on’ is one of Twitter’s most natural functions (How else will we know whether Lady Gaga slept well last night?) it shouldn’t be where you stop. Twitter is superior to Facebook as far as the opportunities it provides to listen. To take full advantage of Twitter you have to be engaged in a give-and-take.

Monitor what your customers are saying and answer their questions. When a customer follows you, follow them back. An easy way to figure out whether you’re doing Twitter the right way is to analyze your tweet stream: If the number of one-way broadcasts dwarfs the replies and RTs you send out, you’ll need to find more balance.

Click here for more Twitter tips.

Team Caffeine

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