How To Use Google Results To Create Your Brand’s Swan Song Video

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Now this video is funny.

In and of itself it’s spam according to my standards – no question.

But it’s creative and I can’t help but thumbs up that!

Finding a video like this is a great example of how you can use YouTube find out what people are watching and how you can “borrow” (copy) the same style for YOUR brand. (Remember make it purposeful by making it relevant to YOUR audience is key to hitting a grand slam.)

Watch this short video by two guys who use the word “Babe” to craft a song for “Natasha”. Very creative and funny don’t you think?

Can you imagine what a brand like Microsoft, Dell or Comcast might come back with?

How could you use this to hit a grand slam?

You might have to “edit” your search results, of course, but this is a very funny way to make fun of yourself and get others smiling too.

I did a twitter search using and entered the terms “I want an ipad2”.

Here is what came back…

social media consultant | i want an ipad2

Do a search for your brand or topic – how creative could you get?

The possibilities are endless, really.  Even if you put the words on a powerpoint deck and created a voice over with canned music you could come up with something pretty creative, right?

A video topic like “Who’s Rocking Facebook Fan Pages” right now might be really funny if you are a social media consultant…

Hmmm…uh yeah, maybe I should take my own advice?

Well even if I don’t and you do, send me a link and a comment and I’d be happy to spread the word.


Lori Taylor


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