Murder Your Worst Habits By Doing This

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BoxingOld habits die hard.

Which means if you want to kick butt and knock those bad habits out cold, you need some serious ammunition.

Yup, it’s buh bye bad habits and hello new life.

Or in the words of Die Hard hero John McClane (Bruce Willis):

“Welcome to the party, pal.”

What’s Your Poison?

Who’s your guest at this habit busting party?

We all have our favorites. Here are some of mine:

  • Glugging away time on social media
  • Forgetting important tasks (e.g. keeping feeds updated)
  • Obsesively checking email
  • Using sugar (okay, chocolate) instead of exercise to boost my energy

Time to get brutal.

Knowing your enemy is your first task in defeating it. If you can’t even see your bad habits, how are you going to take them on?

Brutal honesty with yourself is the only way you can see what’s wrong.

Alternatively, you can ask a friend. Tell them to be blunt and stamp all over your feelings. You want to know your worst habits. It had better be a strong friendship (If it wasn’t before, it will be now).

You’ll still need to be honest with yourself. If what they’re saying is true, you’ll need to accept it.

Your Habit Busting Arsenal

Now you know what you’re facing, what’re you going to do about it?

Here are a few of your options.

Cold TurkeyCold Turkey. Not the Christmas leftovers, but complete abstinence from whatever it is you’re trying to bust. Even if your end goal is simply to cut down rather than eliminate a bad habit, cold turkey can give you the kick start you need.

Check out our advice on detoxing. And beware – for strong habits, cold turkey can be physically painful. Grit your teeth and stay strong.

A Guardian Angel. Going it lonesome is the gritty gunslinger’s way, but not all of us are that tough. Find a buddy to keep you accountable and help you reach your goals.

If you want them to get extra tough, make them fine you fifty bucks each time you backslide. The money can go to a good cause, or you can let them keep it.

Body Busting. Most of us fall into bad habits as a way of making ourselves feel good. Daily exercise gives you an endorphine boost, so you can maintain the buzz without the badness.

Make it painful if you want (crunches, anyone?), but it doesn’t have to be. A 30-minute walk can be enough.

Get A Dummy. Habits are like security blankets, and without them it’s cold outside.

When your bad habit goes out the window, you’ll feel lost without it.

Find a substitute to replace your bad habit. Replace the bad stuff with good stuff.

CakesAvoid Temptation. To break your email addiction, uninstall the automatic email alerts on your computer. Want to eat less candies? Throw them out of the house.

Failure is an Option. The trouble with do or die is that most of us wind up killing ourselves. Expect yourself to be perfect, and when you fail, everything falls apart. Prepare for failure and relapse, and you’ll know what to do when it happens.

Treat Yourself. Things going well? Pat yourself on the back and acknowledge your success with a reward. But don’t reward yourself with the bad habit. D’oh!

Share Your Gratitude

Did these tips help you out? Let us know how in the comments.

Alternatively, you can quote John McClane.

“Thanks for the advice, pal.”

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David is Social Caffeine’s acting editor. He’s British, but we don’t hold that against him.

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