How to Get More Facebook Likes on Your Posts

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How to Get More Facebook LikesFacebook might not be a high school popularity contest. But if what you’re sharing is being ignored, it can feel just as rough as being last in the cool line.

The good thing with Facebook is, it’s easy to turn things around.

You can go from geek to sleek with just a few tweaks to what you share.

And when you share content that picks up Likes, your page will get more Likes too. That’s because the more your fans interact with your content, the more it shows up in their news feed. As a bonus, it shows up more in the news feeds of their friends, too.

More Likes on your page means more likes on your posts. It’s an upward spiral that just keeps on giving.

A crowd draws as crowd, as they say.

What’s the secret to Facebook likes, then?

Keep it short. Research of retail brands found posts with less than 80 characters received 66% higher engagement compared to those with more than 80 characters. When it comes to getting your fans talking, it’s best to keep what you say concise.

Post at the right time of day. That is, when most of your fans are online. Facebook Insights now lets you know when your fans are most likely to be logged in, so you’ve got no excuses for missing out.

Keep it simple. Posts with the most overall engagement are “Status only” posts. These are closely followed by single photo posts.

Links (including photos with links) and videos are poor performers. Not because your fans ignore them, but because they get distracted clicking the link, or watching the video, so they forget to hit the like button or leave a comment.

Don’t shout about yourself. That is, unless you want your audience to ignore everything you say. Social media is about engagement, which means listening to your fans and sharing stuff they’re interest in. If you treat them right, they’ll look up your website and find out more about you in their own time.

Funny is money. Humor will get you everywhere, so don’t be afraid to make your fans smile.

Be on trend. While it’s time-saving (and generally awesome) to schedule posts in advance, be topical when you can. If you read a news story that’s relevant to your fans, share it with your own take on your news feed.

Over to You

Do you struggle to get Facebook likes? Or do they come easily to you? Which of your posts have picked up the most likes and shares?

Lori R Taylor is the founder and executive editor of Social Caffeine. In 2009 she started her own direct response focused social media agency, REV Media Marketing LLC, coining the phrase given by her young son, “You bring the rain, we’ll make it pour.” Follow Lori on Twitter.

David is our acting editor. He’s British, but we don’t hold that against him.

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Chuck Baggett December 24, 2013 at 11:34 am

What good does having likes on Facebook posts do me?


David Masters March 24, 2014 at 6:41 am

A ton of good, if you’re a business using Facebook as a content marketing tool, or even if you’re just an individual using Facebook as a social tool. Getting likes on a post improves your edgerank which means:

* More people will see that post.
* The people who liked that post are more likely to see your future posts.
* Facebook will be more inclined to display your future posts to a wider audience.

Plus, likes are feedback that you’re doing stuff that engages your audience.


Sofia Parker July 10, 2014 at 8:59 am

You should try the best way to get more like on your facebookpage fast easy and funny 🙂 test it


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