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social media managementHBO was the first heavy-hitter when it came to home movies. In the 1970’s they built a business of streaming videos straight into folks homes (assuming they paid a price and had a cable connection.) Today they are known for their original programs like “True Blood” and “The Sporanos” and have legions of fans dedicated to watching the excellent production money HBO spends to make their favorite shows. So, it only makes sense HBO would reach out to these folks with a new social media outlet. HBO Connect is that social media outreach platform and HBO hopes it will bring in even more viewers. This is not their first foray into the digital landscape, but I think it is their best idea so far.

The site is accessible now, but will launch more features in June as the summer season gets underway. Sabrina Caluori, the director of marketing and social media at HBO, gave Mashable Connect attendees a sneak-peek at HBO Connect earlier this month.

Along with the multi-platform HBO Go offering, HBO Connect helps flesh out the cable network’s digital plans. HBO has dabbled with social initiatives and outreach campaigns in the past — including promotions with checkin service GetGlue. But HBO Connect is the best showing from the network to date, in terms of aggregating content and social options for users all in one place.

The site is dedicated into five key sections:

Pulse, feeds and visualizers

The HBO Connect homepage is the “Pulse” of the site. This page acts as a real-time hub for what HBO-related content is being shared and clicked on across the web.

The Feeds section is a customized Twitter listing from various programs, allowing users to browse streams, filter based on keywords, trending topics or related services and filter through specific users lists.

The Feeds page also provides users with quick access to GetGlue checkins, official Facebook and Twitter status updates, and videos from the YouTube channel. Users that are logged in to HBO Connect via Twitter (Facebook is another login option) can create their own tweets, retweet the tweets of others or send replies, all from the website.

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