Happy Social Media Day!

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Bells are ringing around the globe as the world celebrates Social Media Day!
The global event is the brainchild of Mashable. Seeing as how social media accounts for most of what they blog about, it seems only right that they have a day to honor it.

No Stockings Are Hung

On Social Media Day don’t expect presents, though some savvy business owners are making special deals available to customers who visit via social media networks. It is more like a day of recognition. A day to acknowledge the role social media has played and is playing in our lives. All of our lives.
No matter where you live, it seems, social media has likely reached your corner of the world. You can choose not participate if you’d like, but social media is no doubt still going to have an impact on your life.

What’s the big deal?

For those of you who may still be resisting the urge to jump into the social media swimming pool, consider this, between Facebook and Twitter–just two of the many social media platforms available- a BILLION people are signed up. That is equivalent to the population of India and far more people than almost every other country on the planet except China.
Social media has drawn us together in ways previous generations have only dreamed of–if we had social media in the 1960’s imagine what the counter culture could have accomplished.

So, celebrate Social Media Day by joining a new social media network you have never heard of, or, encourage someone else to join one with you. It’s good clean fun and it makes the world a better place for all of us.

When was the last time you heard anybody mention Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn (LNKD)? It must have been at least 17 seconds ago, right? And that’s exactly the problem that Mashable set out to solve when it started pushing for Social Media Day. Today – June 30, 2011 – that day has finally come, with official proclamations by the governments of Toronto, Dublin, Las Vegas, San Jose, Calif., the State of Arizona and others.

According to Mashable, a news site that covers, uh, social media, “Social Media Day is a global celebration of the technological advancements that enable everyone to connect with real-time information, communicate from miles apart and have their voices heard.”

Because what’s more important than making sure that everyone’s voice is heard? Every voice, after all, is just as valuable as every other voice. What makes Francis Fukuyama more worthy of our attention than, say, Fart Sandwich? If we don’t hear each and every voice, preferably all at once, what then?

Today is the day, Mashable says, “to celebrate the revolution of media becoming a social dialogue…”

¡Viva La Revolución! People, it’s now up to you. Do your part to raise awareness of social media and show how social dialogue is replacing fusty old concepts like thinking and learning. It’s up to you to make sure people know about the trending Twitter topic #whyyoubelikedat?, and about Brenda Thompson’s toddler who said something really funny last night. It’s up to you to pay attention that unusually sexy woman who just started following you on Twitter, and to accept that her “money-making SEO secrets” are 100 percent legitimate. It’s up to you to click on that viral Facebook link to find out why “you won’t believe what this man found in his McDonald’s hamburger!!!”

For what will our progeny think of us if we ignore social media and just let it lie there, forgotten, abandoned, our attention diverted by the threats to the global economy, nuclear disasters and Michele Bachmann’s confusion of Iowa towns? They’ll think we just didn’t care, that’s what.

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