GRAND SLAM: Get Your Cat This Ipad Game From Friskies (Video Review)

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Once again the folks at Simply Zesty have wowed and zowed (not a word I know – but sometimes Simply Zesty leaves me speechless – so I had to make one up!)

An iPad game for your cat?

I have 3 cats. I just had to know. I downloaded and they were hooked. For about 2 minutes.

Did it get my attention?

You bet! To their target audience? Oh yeah, this is like crack cocaine for people who love their kitties. This is EXACTLY what I’m talking about.

BUT – how could they make it even better?

Why don’t they run a video contest at FB – “Is Your Cat The Friskiest Feline Online” to win a spot on a commercial or video on their site. What real cat lover in the world with a flip camera wouldn’t want to show off their feline’s prowess?

This is a way to get the users engaged and make it more than just a fun pass around? I think so.

You could even spice it up with Cats Who Play Hard And The Hard Working Mom Who Loves Them. They could start a mommy-kitty blogger movement I bet.

They’d sure have fun trying wouldn’t they?

I’m confused by their quick CTA (call to action) at the end.

Why not have a page showing the home page for their other 3 games ?

spam or slam

Friskies has one called “Party Mixup.” At the end of this video it could say “Does Your Cat Like To Party? Let Them Get Their Frisky On At”

Now that would be a great campaign even greater wouldn’t it?

Even a like us at Facebook would be fun – be the first to beta test our games as we develop them.

As for YOUR brand…

If you are a pizza place, create a game for kids to build pizzas. Have iPads at your restaurant to check out and play with while parents enjoy a mood.

If you own a spa or hair salon, take photos of before and after for each client – let your stylist win a prize for most votes at your site and give the winning client a full free spa day! As for an iPhone or iPad app put up the latest styles from these photos and let someone use their photo to put the cut or style on them. Real Styles By Real People For Real People. Grand Slam, I’d bet!

If you are a doctor, gym or any other brand find an app to white label for fitness tracking or weight loss, or even 911 apps like these:

Buzz voice




Did you know iPhone and iPad apps can be created for 500-1000 bucks?

It’s true.

Check out these resources – let me know how it goes.



Best App Quotes

Toki Post


Mutual Mobile

Do you know of any others? Do tell…



Lori Taylor


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