Google+ Rivals Make Changes (Some More Drastic Than Others)

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Don’t look now but Facebook is preparing to roll out another wave of sweeping new changes, including drastic changes to users profiles. They are opting for what Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg calls, “a timeline” of everything the user has posted. These proposed changes have not yet taken effect but already the blogosphere is aflame with complaints about even more changes from the company which is rapidly getting a reputation for being constantly in flux. Of course, for as many complaints as Facebook is receiving there are a fair number of users who have expressed excitement about the upcoming changes, saying they are looking forward to improvements, especially in the way their profiles will look.

Quora too is making sweeping changes to its site though it remains the site of choice for mostly tech-savvy users. Quora features a question and answer interface that regular users have often complained was difficult to understand, and even more difficult to navigate. Among the changes Quora is planning are a layering of comments, a voting system so the best answers (or most popular) rise to the top and the ability to include images in comments. This is great for folks who currently use Quora and perhaps just enough changes to make it a little more accessible for regular users.

While Quora and Facebook scramble to make themselves more popular Google+ continues to gather steam. The site continues to grow at a steady pace, though not quite as fast as some experts had anticipated. Google doesn’t seem too worried about their new social media network, however, opting instead to take a slow and steady approach. Last week they opened the doors to users without an invitation, added a bevvy of virtual games from Zynga and saw a sudden uptick in users. Of course those users continue to learn about the variety of functions available to them and growth is still seen mostly in those who make a living using technology.

As the social media wars heat up the end result will likely be more options for regular social media users and more features for everyone.

According to new figures released by Citigroup, Facebook has jumped a milestone that the service has been inching toward for the last few years. People are spending more time on Facebook than on Google, with more than 41.4 billion minutes being spent conferring and talking to colleagues and friends on the social service.

These figures are interesting on two fronts. First, with Facebook’s new features launched last week, including Spotify integration and social news reading, users will be spending even more time in Facebook as the service accommodates more types of Internet use inside Also, with Google+ now open to the public, can Google fight back and achieve more time on its social service?

Facebook is indeed a sticky service as it encompasses the social and professional lives of your colleagues, friends and family. Raw search, as provided by Google, is less important nowadays in some contexts. Do you search less these days, opting to spend more time inside Facebook or another social service?

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