Google+ Responds To User Demands (Again)

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Google+ has been trying hard to provide everything their major competitor (Facebook) lacks. This has led to a (some say) better system for interacting with your Friends, called ‘Circles’, and now a new system for avoiding posts from people you’d rather not hear from, called ‘Ignore’ and ‘Block’.

Not So Fast
Before you start worrying about offending people you ignore or block, don’t. Google+ is way ahead of you.

You can ‘Ignore’ someone, meaning you don’t see their posts in your Circles, and they have no idea you are ignoring them.

Similarly, you can Block someone, meaning you don’t see them and they don’t see you and can’t comment on your stuff and they have no idea you blocked them.

Although, I suppose, if they send you messages and you never respond they are likely to figure it out eventually.

By at least trying to meet the demands of their users Google+ is doing exactly what every (successful) business owner should be doing.

Once upon a time business owners understood that “the customer is king”. With social media the rules were turned upside down as companies sought to retrain their customers about how their business worked. Fortunately, Google+ understands this system simply will not work, and instead has been trying to give the people what they want.

Sounds like a good idea to me.

Google has introduced some more controls for users that allow you to ignore or block people.

“Ignore means you’ll see less of what a person is sharing (i.e., you’re just not interested),” says google’s Olga Wichrowska. “Block additionally limits the ways a person can interact with what you’re sharing (i.e., you don’t want anything to do with them). And in either case, we don’t notify the person that you’ve ignored or blocked them.”

When you “ignore” someone on Google+, you won’t see anything they post in the Incoming stream, you won’t get notifications about their activities and you won’t see them on your Circles page.

You can ignore people from Notifications in the Google+ bar, the Notifications stream, Incoming, or from the Circles page. Google keeps a list of the people you Ignore, so you can stop ignoring them later if you like.

Google doesn’t notify a person when you ignore them, so you don’t have to come off as rude.

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