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Google just announced it was including posts on Google+ in its social search engine results. That means people who make public posts on Google+ get that much more bang for their buck. This is great news for anyone hoping to use the Google+ service to promote a brand or a business. Although Google+ still does not allow business pages on its site, this has done little to keep savvy social media professionals from carving out a niche.

What Good Is Search?
When it comes to social media results, the proof is in the pudding. If you do a search for a topic you want the widest possible selection of results. This means you want to know what people are saying in the news, on their blogs, on social media; what videos are available; what photos are available; anything that pertains to your searched topic.

Unfortunately, this expansion doesn’t quite help promote Google+.

There are limits to the search function relating to Google+ results. You will need to be following the poster in order to see their posts pop-up in your search results, and only public posts will be included.This means it is only useful for people using Google+, not as a tool for getting the Google+ word out on the street. Of course at just two months old and already showing signs of immense popularity, they don’t exactly NEED more publicity, do they?

Do YOU have a GOOGLE+ account yet? If not, what is holding you back? Let me know in the comments section.

While Google moving public Google+ posts to the search results is no small deal, it’s not exactly unexpected, either. The posts from Plus will be showing up in the exact same format as other results promoted by Google social search – meaning that this shift indicates only an inclusion of Google+ in an existing feature.

Additionally, the Plus posts aren’t pushing into the SERP carelessly. For a recommendation from Google+ to show up, the following criteria must be met: The original post must be public; the searcher must be following the original poster on Google+; and the searcher must be logged into their Google account.

Google+ is just one of several social services that already contribute to social search. The other current services include Flickr, Twitter, Quora, and Google Buzz.

Those who see this as a way to promote Google+ are missing something; there’s no way this feature can promote Google’s social network, because you already have to be a member to see the results. While there may be a minor bonus to user loyalty on Plus, the bigger news here is what this signals for the status of Google+

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