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Google+ is being lauded for its creativity, ease of use and being all-around-better-than-Facebook. Unfortunately most of this praise comes from early adopters who are already big fans of Gmail and all things Google. For the rest of us some of the new Google+ service is great and some of it is, well, less than great.

To begin with, it seems to be taking Google a long time to create a system which allows Business Profiles (Known as “Pages” on Facebook). These business profiles are crucial for anyone interested in using social media to market their brand. You might think Google would have taken a cue from Facebook, which was practically forced into creating Pages. Business accounts are one of the biggest pieces of the social media puzzle. The fact that businesses are also on Facebook, users can stay better connected than they can on other sites–including, at this point, Google+.

Google+ has said it plans to open business profiles soon, perhaps in September. I can’t understand why it wasn’t a part of their strategy from the very beginning. they could have had a leg up on the competition straight out of the gate. Sure they are going to do something eventually, but in the meantime they are closed to the people who could do them the most good: marketers.

Marketers are the people who can do the most good when it comes to promoting Google+. They are the ones who will encourage other users to get on board. Marketers are the ones who will send out mass invitations, promote their client’s pages and do everything short of setting themselves on fire to bring attention to the new social media service.

Unfortunately, at this point, marketers are still only mildly interested. There are certainly some GREAT THINGS about Google+, but the fact is, without a way to promote your business on Google+, it’s still got a ways to go.

Google+ launched to much fanfare in June and there were all sorts of people proclaiming either its superiority to Facebook or what an utter failure it would be. Since June, the social networking platform has added 25 million users, but there isn’t a whole lot of buzz about it and using it still feels like an afterthought.

Several people I’ve spoken with tell me that they often forget to use it. I’ve thought on a few occasions that if I had something important to post — a link to a blog post on the Houston Press, for example — I would immediately go to Twitter and Facebook, but think, “Oh, right, I guess I should add it to Google+ too?”

There is a lot to like about Google+ as well. The video conferencing, group chat and ease of use in creating and managing circles are impressive. But, setting “buzz” aside for a moment, there are still some legitimate issues that leave me concerned about its future and wondering why I should even bother continuing to mess with it at all. Some of them could be fixed. Others are a little trickier. Here are five hurdles Google+ faces in the battle for the hearts and minds of social networkers.

5. Familiarity
One of the biggest problems Google+ will continue to face is the simple issue of users not being in the habit of using it to post updates or look for updates from friends. Facebook and Twitter, for many who use various social networking platforms, are automatic. Branching out, YouTube, Flickr and FourSquare are all widely used. Google+ would seem to have a pretty big mountain to climb to become a habit for online social networkers.

4. Open Windows
This is more a minor annoyance than a real issue, but when is Google going to stop forcing a new window or tab to be opened with virtually every click of a mouse? Just because I’m in Gmail at the moment and click on Google+ doesn’t mean I want a new window to open. Let me decide how I want to navigate pages. That’s why God invented the right-click.

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