Google+ Makes Social And Search Even Better

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Google+ Makes Perfect Sense

When it comes to Google+ the jury is still out as to whether or not it will reign supreme in the social media wars, however, there is no doubt that the way Google is integrating all its services into the umbrella of Google+ will make their social media service a winner for a great many users. Especially the millions of people who regularly use one of the many existing Google features.

Some people really like Google+. They enjoy the Circles and the Hangouts, and the way the service lets you separate the people who you share your status updates with. they like the way it looks, the way it feels, and perhaps most important of all, they like that it is NOT Facebook.

That’s right, being the anti-Facebook is definitely a step in the right direction for many users. But it is also the way Google has increased the transparency of their service and made users privacy a priority instead of an afterthought. Google+ is hardly perfect, but it is definitely an effective social media service that has gained a loyal following already and stands to grow even more in the coming years.

What has so far gone unrecognized by many people, however, is the fact that Google intends to not make a new Facebook, but rather a social media service which unites everything they offer, from YouTube, to Gmail and whatever they might have up their sleeves next. If you use Google services, it will be easier for you to use them through Google+. In this way alone they far exceed anything Facebook has to offer. This doesn’t mean Facebook can’t do something similar and offer a range of new services. But they will face an uphill climb convincing people to use those services, whereas Google has a built-in user base. That’s how they reached 40 million users so quickly.

This week Google+ rolled out Business Pages for business owners to create a brand identity on the service. This was something users have been clamoring for since Google+ kicked off a few months ago. It is not enough to convince everyone to get on board, of course, but it is certainly closing the gaps (what few remain) between them and Facebook.

They are also increasing the link between social media and search, no doubt giving a slight priority to posts on Google+. This too will make them one step ahead of the competition…


Google Direct Connect also lets users create a G+ page and search queries from Google search go directly to that profile.

“For marketers as well as brands this is nothing less than the Holy Grail of Social Profiles and search,” comments Social Media Today. “When you create a Business Page on Facebook you then need to go into quite a lengthy social media marketing campaign to get Likes, comments and shares in order to increase its EdgeRank (a Facebook algorithm which determines the importance of a page inside Facebook) have it profiled high on Facebook so that it can then appear the moment someone goes to Google and types ‘Facebook Page name’ or keywords associated with it.”

Google+ has thrown down an iterative gauntlet. Burberry, Pepsi and Toyota are among the first to set up Google+ pages even as backend tools supporting marketing campaigns are still lacking, but Google+Ripples lets users access information from public posts, identify top contributors and replay activity.

Click here to read more about the way Google+ is changing the social media landscape.

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