Google+: It’s All In The Numbers

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So far the experts seem to have reached consensus when it comes to visitors to Google+ after its first month: 25 million.
That doesn’t mean they have 25 million full time users, just that the site had 25 million visitors. The numbers also don’t tell us how many of those people intend to return or to make Google+ their regular social media platform.

Of course Google+ is still by invitation only and still in Beta testing phase.

As a comparison, it took Facebook and Twitter years to reach that milestone.

Unfortunately for Google the experts have reached another conclusion: it seems interest in Google+ has plateaued in the United States. Their most substantial recent growth has come from places outside the U.S.

Does this mean Google+ is already being called a failed project? Hardly. They have seen substantial growth, far out-pacing anything seen before, and continue to climb though at a slower pace. Because it is still in Beta Google+ call hardly be considered on equal footing with its major rival, Facebook. They have been keeping people out, rather than welcoming everyone, which is part of their plan to control the traffic.

Analysts say that over the next year Google+ will continue to climb, both domestically and internationally. As it does you can expect more reports and analysis of how much traffic they are getting, from where and by whom.

Several apparently conflicting reports detailing Google+’s progress have recently been released, and speculation about the data has the online marketing industry buzzing. One report indicates Google+’s rise has been monumental and unprecedented in the world of social networking, even among sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace. However, despite these great gains, some reports also denote the popularity of Google+ has been waning. What is the true story here?

The truth of the matter is Google+’s popularity does appear to have hit a plateau in the U.S. market after it hit its peak around July 20th. However, Google+ is still climbing dramatically worldwide, especially in India, Canada, the U.K., and Germany. This rise accounts for the unprecedented 25 million visitors to Google+ during the first month following its launch; Facebook, by comparison, took 3 years to accumulate that number of users. To bring us back down to earth, however, those “visitors” are not necessarily “users”; on the other hand, one should keep in mind Google+ is still in Beta, and still by invitation only. Furthermore, the data regarding the number of visitors does not take into account mobile users and those using the Google+ engagement bar (the new black navigation bar).

Regardless of the number of Google+ users in the U.S., it is still too early to determine how Google+ will progress as a major social network. What is interesting to note is Google+ users are predominantly male (about 71%), in the 25-34 age group, and typically considered tech-savvy. These demographics are consistent with internet industry leaders, and those who are up-and-coming in the tech world.

Although Google+ is less than two months old, Google is already integrating some of the “public” posts into search results, as long as the searcher is logged into their Google account. This integration demonstrates a measure of Google’s confidence in their new social network.

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