Google+ Is Still Growing And Learning (From You)

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Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

Google+ is barely a toddler but already it boasts some very cool features which make it quite unlike any other social media network available today. Sure, the service is not perfect and not everyone is convinced it offers anything more than its arch rival, Facebook, but unlike Facebook, Google+ still has a lot of growing left to do.

In just a few short months Google+ has grown to a network of nearly 50 million users and managed to design functions which are both unique to social media and useful for its members. Circles, Hangouts and Huddles are just a few of the features that Google+ offers which are totally unique and different. In its short life Google+ has brought us things which no one had conceived of for a social media network but have so far proven to be nearly indispensable to a large number of social media users.

People are using Google+ to connect in ways they hadn’t imagined was possible. They are sharing videos as a group and communicating in ways no one had envisioned. This bodes well for Google+ going forward. As they continue to add to their services for social media users (assuming they continue to deliver services those users want) they will continue to grow.

What Google+ lacks in services it has more than made up for in its unique content. Sure, they still don’t have a system for businesses (or social media marketers) to participate, but they have promised those services are coming real soon. And given that Google+ continues to grow by leaps and bounds I would say it is a good bet those services will far exceed our expectations.

The statistics so far hint that Google+ is growing fast but helps takea deep look inside to reveal that the growth is biased towards certain section. 71% of users of Google+ are men. Top users are tech guys, 46% of people being Engineers and Developers. Leading countries are US and India. India ranks number 2(18%), and US leads the show with more than 50% users.

Google+ isn’t ‘just another project’ by Google. After previous failed attempts to gain a larger pie of social space Google has this time strategically planned its move and focused on leveraging its strengths. Google owns the foundation of web experience – Search. And it’s making continuous updates in making the search experience more social. If Facebook has the Like button, F-connect, and Facebook Pages then Google too is taking its guns out like the +1 button, Google connect, and Google+ Business Pages which are expected to be launched later this year. And if experts are to be believed then Google+ business pages will have deep analytics and more sophisticated features for a richer social experience between the pages and the users.

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