Google+ Gaining On Facebook?

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Google+ has been in the news a lot lately. Does that mean their new social media network is outpacing Facebook? In a word: No.

At last report Google+ was closing in about 20 million users. That is a far cry from the 750 million (and growing) users of Facebook. This is especially telling when you consider that Google is uniting everyone who uses any of their services (Blogger, YouTube, Search, etc. etc.) in to the fold of their new social media network. Sure, they have limited access to the network to some degree, still, you would expect Google+ to be showing signs of explosive growth. Instead, the growth has been mediocre, at best. (In my opinion.)

Does Google+ stand a chance at surpassing Facebook. Of course. So does any new social networking site. Nothing is forever. Facebook will likely come under attack from a variety of services and sources. Google is simply the most current. What Facebook does is not unique, but they have certainly learned from their mistakes and found a way to keep users happy even as they have stumbled with issues involving personal privacy.

So Google+ has ‘Circles’…big deal. I will become a believer in Google+ when I see businesses flocking to create accounts and marketers using their service to get their message across…..until then, I’m still not a believer.

From the launch of Friendster in 2002, which pioneered the online connection of real-world friends – to MySpace, which embodied the essence of the early millennium, social media has become an everyday form of communication and a permanent fixture in modern society.

It’s hard to remember a time before Facebook, status updates or friend requests, but the craze of social media is a relatively new concept. For example, AOL Instant Messenger, which sparked the instant messaging era, was only developed in 1997.

I think it’s fairly safe to say that Facebook now reigns supreme in the social media world – growing to 750 million active users in just seven years. Not only does Facebook connect you with friends and family throughout the world, but it is also a valuable marketing tool for businesses.

Facebook is so huge that in some countries it generates more traffic than Google, but is that all about to change? Google, the search engine giant, has just launched its very own social media site, Google+, and some critics say it could be bigger than Facebook.

Google+ turns the entire search engine into one huge social network. This brand new social network is the culmination of a year-long project led by Vic Gundotra, Google’s senior vice president of social, and is Google’s answer to Facebook.

Google+ will be omnipresent in its products, thanks to a completely redesigned navigation bar. The familiar gray strip at the top of every Google page will turn black and have multiple options for accessing your Google+ profile, viewing notifications and instantly sharing content, according to

While Google+ will be very similar to Facebook, it has many new features that have social media geeks ready to delete their Facebooks accounts and go strictly Google+. Circles+ is one of the features that sets Google+ apart from Facebook. Circles+ allows users to drag-and-drop their friends into different social circles for friends, family, classmates, co-workers and other custom groups. This allows users to customize what information they share with whom.

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