Google+ Expands Its Offerings

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Don’t look now but Google+ has added to its features list by integrating Google search and making it easier for people to share video via mobile apps. Google+ has been gradually gaining users since its release a couple months ago. Now that they have removed the “invitation only” stipulation for new users, the number of people who sign up for the Google+ social media network might see a slight jump, although only time will tell.

Is Google+ Growing?

The $64,000 question is whether or not Google+ is showing sustained growth at a rate that might put it on a par with Facebook. So far the answer to that question is decidedly, “no.” That doesn’t mean that Google+ is a failure. Quite the contrary. The fact that Google+ even exists at all is a step in the right direction for Google which has repeatedly tried (unsuccessfully) to enter the social media fray. By uniting all of its properties under the umbrella of Google+ (which seems to be what it’s doing) they stand an even better chance at eventually reaching and possibly even surpassing the number of users on Facebook.

The social media landscape has certainly gotten more aggressive! Google Inc has extended its latest improvements to its “Google+” social networking site on Tuesday; it has integrated its search engine into the site as well as enhanced its “Hangouts” feature that will now allow users mobile access and broadcasting. Above all, the website is also open to public use now that was formerly only accessible to invited users. It has also added more features such as including functions for topics of user interest (cooking, drawing, etc), the company’s blog stated.

Google, the undisputed internet search and advertising leader, is ramping up its 3-month old social networking website to give tough competition to social media champion, Facebook, while trying to attract more users and retaining surfers’ time online.

The company, on Tuesday, announced on its official blog that its much appreciated ‘Hangouts’ feature, where almost around 9 users can link up and chat on video – will be made available on smartphones that are well equipped with cameras and powered by its own Android software. It also added that “support for Apple Inc devices are coming soon”

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